Last Day at 99¢

This is just a quick reminder. Today is the last day that you can purchase Shadow Shifters(YA Paranormal Horror) at this low sale price. The links to purchase are here and so is more info. You can also read the first couple of chapters at Amazon.


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Shadow Shifters…

Don’t how many people actually read this blog for my writing, but I decided I would just post it and let the readers decide, if they are interested. I just released my new novel Shadow Shifters yesterday and it will be on sale for 6 more days. If you are interested in something new and different in a Paranormal Horror novel, just go here to learn more. :)

Have an awesome day EVERYONE!


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Free Music

Today ONLY! ALL songs from my newest cd are free, including my newest release. (Limited to 200 Downloads, Bandcamp’s cap, not mine) Have an awesome 4th of July!


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Foreign Soil(Music)

While I may avoid discussing politics and religion in general, on this blog or anywhere, for that matter. I do not do the same for my music. This new song is no exception. It is a dance/edm song. For your convenience, I have posted the lyrics below the player. :) Enjoy!


Why must we, police this world?
Tell me now, is it really worth it?
Yeah awww

1st verse(repeated twice)-
How many children must die?
How many men need riches?

2nd verse(part spoken,part sung)-
Why can’t we, just live in harmony?
Harmony is beautiful.
When will we, begin to see?
The big picture, before our eyes.
Singing part-
There is only one solution.
Rise up, rise up, rise up, before we all die.
Now you know… what you going to do?

3rd section-

Oh yeah and whoo-ohh yeah blended
No oh, sung two different ways blended
No More and Stop it blended
Stop it yeah-ahh

Stop stop,(pause) stop, stop killing.(sung 3 times in different ways)


Blended: Get out, get out, get out and ohhhhhhh and Now

Last line-Get out of foreign soil

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About the Music Part 2

As I stated in my original post, I have been strongly considering not posting any more music up to the web. My soundcloud account has run out of FREE space and the time it takes to create and share the music, just takes too much time if nobody is supporting it. Basically it becomes a complete waste of time without any support. From the feedback I received, I noticed that a number of people thought the only way to support a musician was by purchasing their music. That is hardly the case and not what I was trying to get across. So let me make this perfectly clear for future reference. There are many ways to support a band/artist. Of course you can buy the music, but you can also share a link to it, or even just tell your friends. You can also show your support by following them on various sites.

At any rate, a funny thing seemed to happen, after I posted my last song to Soundcloud. I started gaining more followers. While at the same time people who rarely RT’ed my music posts, pretty much stopped. With all this conflicting information, I am left at a loss, as to where to go.

I decided, the most simple way to find out is to add new songs to Reverbnation and Bandcamp only, thus watching the plays at those sites and how much sharing is going on, should provide me with all the information I need, in order to decide if sharing music is something to continue with or not.

However, I will be deleting my Fb band page and Soundcloud account, merely for the fact that they have proven useful in no way what-so-ever. If you are a band I connected with on FB or Soundcloud, you are welcome to instead connect on Reverbnation,  or Bandcamp.

Guess we will just have to play it by ear. ;) 


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