Taking a break has benefits…

While I have touched briefly on this subject in a few posts here and there, I have never really went into detail on what taking a break means, for the creative driven individual. The thing that drives creativity is ideas. Ideas don’t just drop out of the sky. Ideas come with life experience, through the process of living life. That is why a lot of authors don’t create that break out book until after 40. They simply have not lived enough, to really fill out those great ideas, with actual life experiences that relate to the book. It seems like such a simple idea and one probably everyone should know. Complex, deep, and meaningful writing comes from living life. Write that down and don’t forget it. It is important.

The reason I say this…my reason for telling you this hard truth, this cold reality, this small bit of wisdom, is because knowing it will benefit you. No, I was not just trying to be some arrogant asshat in saying it. I was trying to give you something.

At any rate, the only way you are going to live that life you need and require, to write the most amazing things people have ever read in their lives, is to take breaks from creating, and then doing something different. What that something is, can be anything you want. The point is to step away, step back, and recharge the creative batteries. Then when you come back to creating, you will find new ideas, and plenty of drive to follow through on them.

Obviously, there are certain times, when taking a break from creating, should be done. I don’t recommend doing it while in the middle of writing a novel, however, if that is part of your writing style, then by all means go for it. However for most, the optimum time to take a break, is the when you do not have any big projects your deeply involved in and you are feeling a bit worn down.

I must confess I had a 2nd reason for making this post. That was to announce that I will be taking a break from creating myself. This year I have already completed 9 songs, finished a novel, and made over 20 writing related posts this year. My creative batteries are in definite need of recharging.

So what does JB do to “take a break” ? JB escapes reality by playing video games. Yep! I know not extremely exciting but video games have a couple of unique advantages for me. They don’t require me to be highly mobile, which I am not, at my young age of 49, and with my health issues, climbing Mount Everest just does not seem like a good idea. Video games are also great generators of ideas. Whether it be a simple game that requires little more than good controller control or it be games that require you to think and solve puzzles. Each has its merits in the creative thinking department. Yes, I could further explain how each has its merits, but I have enough faith in my reader’s intelligence level to just move on.:)

This time around I will be playing with a New Xbox One. I picked one up on sale yesterday that included Titanfall. I was also able to download for free Project Spark and Killer Instinct. And of course, I purchased the latest in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed 5: Black Flag. Also this time around I may broadcast my horrible gameplay at Twitch. While thinking games I do fairly well at, the games that require fast fingers I have to die like half a billion times to get it right.,lol! My gamertag for xbox live is oOLucidchaosOo, for those who want to join me or just hang, w/e.

While I am on break I won’t be creating anything new. That does not mean I won’t be getting online in the mornings, and doing some tweeting, because I will be doing that. It only means I won’t be starting any new projects until my newest book, Shadow Shifters has been released. It is still in phase one of editing but I am told they are 3/4 of the way through the book, so probably in a couple of weeks it will come back to me for my first edits on it, and then it will go back to editing, rinse and repeat until everyone is happy, then to the beta readers for their input on it, then final adjustments and formatting are done. Then the book is published. So as you can see, I may be on break for a little while. :)

The only posts I am likely to put here will be reviews on the games/system I am playing with, and announcements on the Shadow Shifters progress on my author blog.

Until I type again…

Axe(aka JB)




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Ambient Flame(Song collab with The Alternative Methods)

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My lists on Twitter…

The purpose of them is not what most people probably think. I have seen tweets about how they can be used to build blogs and such. Considering I have 658,899 hits(as of this moment) to my blog, that obviously would not be of use to me. Furthermore, 7 yrs. worth of content brings a steady stream of visitors everyday. So what is the purpose of my lists on Twitter?

The answer is a lot more simple than you would think. The purpose is to help out my followers. By sorting my followers into various lists, my followers can then easily find others with similar interests. While they are still a work in progress, my goal is to have it up to date weekly, with every follower being on at least one list.

Lastly, I should mention the list category of “Awesome Followers”. These are the followers who seem to grasp the basic concept that a favor should be returned. If I re-tweet or favorite a post of yours, you should do the same for me. Those followers who get this idea will make it to this list, those who do not, won’t. Furthermore, those who forget this simple concept, will be removed from the list. I believe good followers should be rewarded and that is what this list is for. :)

I hope this brief explanation was helpful to those who took the time to read it. TC and have a good one!


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Bandcamp…I am there now.

What is Bandcamp? (one might ask if they cared to know) It is a place where musician’s can post their highest quality lossless songs and music up, and listeners can directly support them by buying their music and paying lower amounts, than traditional places offer. I have uploaded all of my music there, so now any one of my readers may now get my music in the best possible sound quality and I can now maybe make some real money, to pay for all those instruments and other tools I have been using to create the music you have all heard. I can even offer discounts now and for my readers I am going to offer them, the same discount I have offered my loyal Facebook fans. That is a 50% off on everything. Every song or album. The discount only lasts this month.

With the discount, it is like you are seeing a guy standing on the road and you toss them a quarter for playing for you, only you get to then take them home, and make them play that song again and again, in perfect pristine high quality lossless sound. Really, after Bandcamp takes their cut and my already low prices, that is what I get for each song, a quarter. That is why the discount only lasts one month. Obviously, at a quarter a song, I might as well just go sell all my instruments, lol! I wonder, can I sell my throat?

All of my songs are at the site, and the code, good for April ONLY, is “half”. This player only contains songs from one album and not my newest songs. But it gives you an idea of varied genres in which I create music.:)

Lastly, you might want to get an account there, not only for when I offer more free downloads of popular songs in the future, but also just because it is great place to hear new music. Just ask the kids, they probably already know about it.:)


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May I present the wonderful, amazing, and magical Jinxy Cat!

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These were all taken on her first day home. She was approx. 2 months old when we got her on Tuesday. As a side not, the word Jinx came from the latin word for magic. I really hope she is because we could use some magic in our lives right now. :)



March 31, 2014 · 5:27 AM