In the beginning…

 I was born! Hey, wait a minute..I guess you were too! Well, most of us anyway.I swear some of us were hatched.

Anyway, then I grew up(sorta) and got married and got me a couple of kids(hey, they were on sale at Walmart). Then I got me a blog.That would be this thing you are now reading.

Just so you know, I am not a complete noob to this.I have had blogs before.I had very bad luck with those though.One of them the whole site just went down and never came back and another one of them a spammer made my life miserable.

So I shall try once again.

I have writings, jokes, and guitar stuff to share. I even have a video or two.

So come back and please leave comments,good or bad, so at least I now I am not just typing to myself.



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