LED belt buckles…have you seen these? They have led lights that scroll messages across them.They come in different colors like green, blue, red, white, gold, and multi-color.

I am thinking of this because, last night I remembered seeing Trish Stratus on WWE Raw and she was wearing one. It looked pretty cool on her but ,I have to wonder how it would look on a normal person. Well, you know she is a star and she was on stage(in the ring) so, of course it looked good but, come on, even if I was like this godly man, how would I look wearing this out to like, the mall?

I doubt it would be a great experience.People would probably be looking at me as if I lost my mind(kinda got to have one to lose it ). And no, I have never really been big on caring what other people think of me, but nobody likes humiliation and certainly nobody would go out of their way to find it either.

 To me, I guess it is just too flashy to wear realistically. Well, that is what I think,maybe I am just more modest than I thought.




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4 responses to “Led..

  1. Hmmm. While I would probably wear one of those lighted shirts I posted at my place (provided it wasn’t advertising) I don’t think I’d wear one of these buckles. Anyway, belt buckles are more of a guy thing, I think.


  2. Nicky

    Where Do You Get One Of Those Belts Trish Had On?…


  3. Just do a search on google for led belt buckles.There are several places to buy one.


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