The Browser Wars

Ain’t it funny how when a new browser comes out, especially one made by Microsoft, those people who use Firefox gotta start in with the insults. I find it  amusing that 13% of internet surfers use Firefox but seem to act like it is the dominant IE. They talk about how IE is unsafe and has less features. Never mind that all those extra features slow down their computers and that hackers do not waste their time on such a small following.

 In the long run, which IE becomes the most safe? The one where many hackers have been having a go at it and problems are found and fixed(Microsoft internet Explorer) or the one which is ignored by most of the internet surfers and hackers( Firefox). When it comes down to it, code is code and anyone determined enough is going to find a way through.

The botton line is most people do not like or care for Firefox, Opera or any other IE. I let everyone in my house try Opera, Netscape, and Firefox and ALL of them preferred Microsoft Internet Explorer. It was and still is the easiest, fastest, least likely to freeze up, and has the least bugs of all of them.

My wife, my kids, and myself have all updated to the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and love it. All of us did it by choice.

 I just get tired of the minority speaking out against something just because it has the name Microsoft attached to it. Sometimes I wish that some hackers would target some of the minority o/s and IE. Then they would find out how secure they really are.

For me, I will always stick with the dominant software knowing that hackers will target it and that will make it stronger and more secure in the end.




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4 responses to “The Browser Wars

  1. Yes, I will add you to my blogroll! I use Firefox, and I find it much better to use than Internet Explorer. For starters, in my bookmarks it lets me see which blogs have been updated, without using a feed reader, like Google Reader.


  2. I linked to you also. I am glad you are happy with Firefox.I had too many problems with it myself. Interestingly enough IE 7 also does the same thing with rss feeds.:)


  3. I did it, too. I’ve never even tried those other things, ’cause I’m a computer idiot savant. Not so much of the savant. Not at all, really.

    It does what I want so what else could I ask for?

    (I’m reassured to know that you think this is a good thing. I seem to know a lot of firefox users – and they’re very evangalistic!)


  4. Well, my dear Peri, we are in the majority on this one and I sincerely doubt it will ever change.:)

    Let those firefox users preach all they want. Gonna stick with what works best on my computer.


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