Talk about Lucky!!!

I am sure everyone wishes they were this lucky. Just read the story and you will agree, I’ll bet! Check it out!!!




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15 responses to “Talk about Lucky!!!

  1. seb

    Oh yeah! I saw this a couple days back. The biggest one ever found by visitors was in Alabama some 70 years ago, they called it the ‘Uncle Sam,’ worth something like $300,000(I dunno what year’s dollars that would be)!!!


  2. mystarbucks

    Great story but unfortunately I do not believe in luck!


  3. To say that you do not believe in luck is like saying everything is fate. As example.someone buys a lottery ticket and wins.In your line of thinking they were not lucky, they were fated to buy the ticket in the 1st place.


  4. mystarbucks

    Exactly!! I do not believe in chance, I believe there is a higher being involved to a certain degree.


  5. I am kinda borderline on this subject myself. I believe that somethings are fate, while there are also things within our control.


  6. mystarbucks

    I can tell we are going to be great blogging friends!


  7. LOL! Quite possibly! Maybe linking our blogs would be in order? 🙂


  8. mystarbucks

    What does lining our blogs mean?


  9. mystarbucks

    ok I just realized I misread your sentence. How do we go about linking our blogs?


  10. That means we both put links to each other’s blogs in our blogroll.


  11. mystarbucks

    That sounds great!


  12. K, i added you to my blogroll, your turn!:)


  13. mystarbucks

    Oh Axe
    You are so on my blogroll already! Now see…it must be fate that this worked out this way.


  14. Oh so all this was about trying to prove something… I suppose if i go remove you that is fate also.LOL! Guess you can never really change anyone’s beliefs,,,nut you can always try! 🙂


  15. mystarbucks

    I can’t wait until tomorrow!!


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