Vampires cannot exist!!!

At least this article says so. However, I have to throw a huge hole in this theory. If a vampire bites someone, it does not mean they will turn into a vampire. The dark gift is not just given but it a exchange of blood between both the vampire and the recipient. A vampire can feed without infecting their victim. Thus the theory put forth in the article is wrong. Vampires can exist, I say. Seen stranger things, I have indeed!



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8 responses to “Vampires cannot exist!!!

  1. Yes and the fact that Vampires can actually father children is something else.


  2. My point was more about how scientists are always looking for ways to disprove something. Rather than just believe something could be possible.


  3. mystarbucks

    There is no such thing as human vampires unless you are using the term as an adjective to describe someone who give hickies. There are vampire bats however, but they do not land on humans and suck their blood they usually feed on animals.


  4. So why would a scientist go through the effort to disapprove something that most do not consider a reality? Makes you wonder if they exist and someone wants to hide it? Seems rather strange to me that a scientist would even bother with this. They even bother to preport such things as porphyria as an explaination.

    Seems to me that things like this that are so fantastical so not even be bothered with by any notable scientist. My point was that some scientist actually did go through the effort to prove this is falicy and did not even mange to do a decent job of it.


  5. seb

    You remember the Matrix? Remember the choice of pills to swallow? Well I swallowed the reality pill, and I can tell you for a fact that there are vampires, monsters, and ghosts everywhere. Pretty cool that I know that stuff, huh? Oh boy, wait a second, those were LSD pills…

    Who knows with all this stuff. Maybe it exists!!! Life sure is more fun if it does.


  6. mystarbucks

    There are so many diseases and ailments out there that scientists should be spending their time on rather than trying to prove or disprove whether or not vampires exists. Sounds to me like this scientist is not using his skills for the better of our world. As for diagnosing or explaining the existence of vampires as porphyria is preposterous.


  7. @ seb

    You should read my Ghostly Cartoons post. It is fantastic and based on reality. Many strange things exist which cannot be explained.

    @ mystarbucks

    Don’t look at me! I am not the one who put forth any of these theories.Don’t shoot the messenger! LOL!


  8. Hey its getting very dark in here and, Oh Crap! the flashlights flickering…Isn’t it always the way! Hey Look! Theres the manhole.


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