How good is a fence?

How good is the idea of putting up a 7oo mile fence to stop illegal aliens? I doubt it will have any effect but Bush signed it into law today.

Not only was this a waste of time when you consider our border with Mexico is 1200 miles long but to further the stupidity, there is not even the money for it.

Do they think Mexicans cannot climb or dig under the fence(even if it is built)?Looks like just a publicity stunt planned to help republicans at the upcoming election.

I do not know which is worse… this waste of a time bill or the Mexican government saying they were thinking about taking this to the United Nations.

WTF? They are costing us billions every year in border patrol personel because they cannot keep their people in their own country.They are costing us billions every year in other law enforcement agents who have to catch, process, shelter, and deport illegal aliens.

And they think they should take us to the United Nations? Now that is a frickin’ laugh!

 In case you are wondering… I live in Texas and find alot of employers think I should be bilingual to get a job. You gotta wonder ,when you see chit like this going on, just who is running the show anymore. The audience or the clowns!




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5 responses to “How good is a fence?

  1. Hey! That will give all the Mexicans something to do any way..Building the fence I mean…I imagine they will be queing up to get jobs.


  2. hahaha! You are funny! To bad this is probably true.


  3. mystarbucks

    How are you today?? I read this same article in my morning paper and I don’t know quite what to make of it. On one hand I get the idea but on the other hand there are so many other things we really should be doint with our money. I will be anxious to hear what happens with this. I’m sure it will be the butt of many jokes like on SNL, Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, David Letterman etc. I love comedy.


  4. I am fine today.Still have some work to do on this new theme and that should keep me busy until I have to go shopping.

    As for this article,it is rather amusing and that is precisely why I had to post something on it. I am certain the comedians will have a good time with it. 🙂


  5. Like Bush planned to fund the Iraq war with the oil he confiscated, he has another novel idea on how to fund the fence…Tourism!


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