The Atom(Joke #18)

An atom walks into a bar and sits down to order a drink. He looks very dejected because he has received unrelenting insults all day and he has has all he can take.

The bartender notices his demeanor and asks “Hey there friend, what up with you? You seem awfully down” The atom replies “I had such a bad day and to top it all off, I lost an electron!”

The bartender asks him “wow that’s really rough–losing an electron. Are you sure you can’t find your electron anywhere?”

“I’m positive.”

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4 responses to “The Atom(Joke #18)

  1. mystarbucks

    another good one!


  2. mystarbucks

    Let’s just “agree to disagree”. That’s one of my favorite lines. I say that everywhere and people just look at me confused and I get a good laugh.


  3. I am not sure to agree or disagree because if I do either I will not be certain if I agreed or disagreed.

    Huh? O.k. Now I am confused.


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