Happy Turkey Day !!!

Yes, I realize this is a little early and I also realize not everyone who reads my blog is from America but I wanted to get this up so anyone wanting to use it in emails and such could. Of course, it is a holiday gif. Enjoy!





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4 responses to “Happy Turkey Day !!!

  1. Nancy

    Thank you JB> Your web page just keeps getting better and better! I downloaded your novel, but have not finished it yet. I am getting an ereader for my Birthday….


  2. Oh, this website has been around for 4 yrs. It takes awhile to post this much crap.:)I recommend the Kindle over the Nook. I had a Nook that kept forgetting what page I was on. Very annoying. I am sure they are all not like that. If you live close to a Barnes and Noble then a nook might be better.


  3. Nancy

    I have ordered the Sharper Image Literati ereader. A friend of mine has one and is very happy with it. It can be used with my desk top set-up or with wireless technology. Our new library can loan out books thru the Literati as well. So far I have been using the Kindle for PC that I got free from the Amazon site.!! It saves my page every time.


  4. There are tons of free e-books online.I think anything wrote before 1920/1930? is public domain and can be read by most e-readers in .epub format. The important thing to consider it not the ability to get free books but current books and both Amazon and Barnes and Noble have plenty of those, does the Literati have that?
    Glad to hear the software from amazon is working fine though.:) Email me when you get your e-reader. The Amazon copy won’t work on anything other than a pc or Kindle so I will have to send you a .epub version.


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