Most days, in fact all of the time, I post jokes, writings or music. So often do I do this that some may not realize, I do have a family. It is not a egotistical thing that is going on or some wierd thing like I am pretending that I have no family.

The reason is something much more simple. I do not want to invade their privacy by posting things without their permission. While sometimes I am tempted to do so, I have to ask myself would I want someone to post something, on the internet about me, without my permission. Invaribly the answer is always a resounding “NO!”.

I have to wonder though, as I see so many peope do share this important aspect of their lives, if my way of thinking is wrong. Am I just being selfish? Maybe too considerate?

I am not sure I will ever here an answer that will make me change my mind but still would like to hear what others think about this subject.



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4 responses to “Family…

  1. Axe, I think it matters most, how the members of the family feel. Some people wouldn’t mind, others would be mortified. I think the people who post stuff about their families and their lives probably do so because they know those people wouldn’t mind. Everyone blogs or has a personal website for a different reason and if some choose to use theirs as a journal or a diary.. that doesn’t make you wrong for not doing so.

    I’m in the middle. I don’t use my real name online and I don’t use the real name of anyone I know unless they have done so first. I might talk about situations, but not usually in such a way that I violate anyone else’s privacy. I think your choice is perfectly ok for you and I’d never think you egotistical for not posting about others. I just find you funny! That’s good enough for me.

    Keep them jokes coming!


  2. I like to put up family pics and stuff..though just a couple every once in a while I think it humanizes a blog….I like blog where people use their own face too…but thats just my preference…..using real names is frought with danger though…especially if you are going to talk about your day to day life….


  3. @ fracas
    The general consensus in my household(other than myself) seems to be that the internet is for playing games.Therefore none of them desire to have anything posted about them on it. Even though they don’t want me to say show anything about them and I do not want to violate their privacy I cannot help but feel guilty.Like I am not sharing enough.Is that crazy or what?
    I have a picture on my about page but recently took some pics to possibly put on the homepage. Eventually I may put up more pictures here on a seperate page if I can see there is interest in it.


  4. Well, you know me; I spill my guts about EVERYTHING! And I’ve never asked my daughter how she feels about the things I write. I don’t think she’s at all interested in my blog. I’d like to know more about you and your family but I totally understand why you don’t talk about them. I respect that.


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