Don’t buy a Nintendo Wii !!!

There has been a few horror stories about how dangerous this video game system has been. Check out this article for more info! Make sure you check out this site also.Very eye opening!

As for me, having two kids in the house and a 50″ rear projection TV, I doubt I will be getting one anytime soon!


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5 responses to “Don’t buy a Nintendo Wii !!!

  1. I am a kid in a house with an expensive TV, with the Wii. Me and my younger brother frequently bash away at baseballs and tennis balls, and there’s been no damage to your TV thus far.

    There’s no problem with the wrist strap if you keep hold of the damn remote. You keep hold ‘o the remote, you’ll have no problems.

    If you have young children however, I would recommend waiting a few years. ‘Till they get older you know, and you can trust them.


  2. If you would have visited both of the links i provided you would have seen that it was was adults that were having the problems with the wii remotes flying,not kids. But hey, glad you are willing to risk your TV. Not going to do it in my home. I cannot afford to replace my TV.


  3. Sidney

    I believe that Nintendo should have never recalled the strap. It is the adults that are using the games in an incorrect manner, not the children, who are the ones that these type toys are generally designed for. Because of them, there is a long warning before each game addressing the player(s) to make sure that the wrist strap is on correctly. Nintendo had the balls to replace ’em so they would not have to put up to all you uptight “oh-it’s-gonna-break-my-million-dollar-tv” type people.
    So I hope all of you stogy people who read this should be VERY ashamed of what you have caused. And I mean, come on, why are you hurling your hand anyways to play bolling? Do people still play bolling anyways? Thanks


  4. alex

    dude i have a wii no problems


  5. g dog

    the wii is slow i cant play fast its just not fun any more give me my dam joystick and my cord back


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