How to pick up women(Joke #28)

 First thing, of course, is to find a woman. Then you wrap your right arm around her waist and then do the same with your left arm. Now squeeze firmly and lift.

You have now picked up a woman.

What you expected a real answer? How sad and pathetic is that ?! If I were you, I would not leave a comment on this one. No sense in letting everyone know how pathetic you really are.



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One response to “How to pick up women(Joke #28)

  1. Tomas

    Wow, it was great pleasure to read your post. Thank you. While other articles on that theme try to impress-to convince in some scientifically based approach, your words inspire the smile. While other look at the women as at some kind of living dols, you are laughing from ourselves. That’s grand irony – awesome text between lines.
    You have wonderful sense of humor dear AXE


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