Am I really worth it?

I saw this on Fracas blog and had to know if I was worth anything at all. Amazingly, I am worth something after all!

I am worth $1,706,830 on
How much are you worth?

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7 responses to “Am I really worth it?

  1. Happy New Year Axe!

    I bet if youasked your kids, they’d put the number a whole lot higher!


  2. & I’m worth $2075320 !! I don’t know what’s my IQ score though..


  3. @aristcrat
    My score was lower due to my age. The older you are, the less you are worth according to the website.
    @ fracas
    My kids actually laughed at me and thought that amount was way too high.


  4. Lol! I think your kids are cute hahaha…


  5. Huh. $1,612,050. I couldn’t provide a zip or an SAT score, since Canada has neither. Or a number from that online dating site, since there is no way I’d sign up there.


  6. From most of the people it seems there are things they could not provide the test,myself included. I would have to say that invalidates most of the results then. That leads one to the conclusion that this test cannot in any way be considered even remorely close to accurate. However, if anyone has 1.7 mil on them I might be interested in selling myself. Lmao!


  7. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious the test is really just for fun. I obviously have some bad habit since I came in only at 1.5 million. I was thinking that they should have the last question be whether or not you lied about anything on the test, and then deduct from your value since if you lied about anything on the test, you’re probably someone who’d lie to yourself about your health, etc. and that would make you wirth less ’cause you probably have poorer health than you know. Then I decided that if they lied about other answers, they’d probably lie to that question too and defeat the whole purpose.

    Good thing it’s only for fun. I think you were calculated as being worth more if you’ve been divorced too. Hmm. Not sure how that works but I don’t plan on getting divorced to find out. LOL.

    So I also had to leave blanks since I’m in Canada. The upside of scoring lower… all those bad guys that search the internet will kidnap all of you first since they’d get more money for ya!

    Ha ha ha!

    Hey… didn’t you say you’d be gone for a while? Good thing you’re not but hey, I’d have checked your site more often, I saw via technorati, that you had new posts up.

    Ya shmooog. 😉


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