Akismet spam is deleted automatically?

I have noticed lately that all comments that akismet thinks are spam are automatically deleted. This would be great if Akismet actually worked properly. Unfortunately, Akismet has the brain of a stoned 2 yr. old and thinks that friends comments are spam also. I cannot be sure since the Akismet comment area is always empty even though it says it has protected my blog from more spam.

I am must say I am sorry to any friend who has attempted to post a comment this week. I am afraid Akismet may have deleted your perfectly valid comment.




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15 responses to “Akismet spam is deleted automatically?

  1. Hi again. My askimet bin regularly has spam sitting in it. If I don’t delete it, then after 15 days it does delete it.

    Having gone through the experience of being recognized as spam by askimet, I know it’s frustrating but I still like the service. People get labeled as spam for various reasons. Mine was probably that I posted too many links in a comment and then inadvertently deleted myself when I deleted my spam. So then… since I allowed myself to be deleted as spam, the filter was taught that I was spam.

    Problem was solved by a friend submitting to the WordPress team, that my comments were going into her spam bin. They took care of it and un-spammed me. If you know of anyone ending up in your spam bin wrongly, just let the team know about it and they’ll fix it for you and them.

    Hope that helps!



  2. Peri

    I wondered what was up with my spams, too. In the past, there have been dozens of items waiting to be deleted but lately there’s only been 1 or 2 and sometimes even none. If it’s being automatically deleted, I don’t like that at all.

    I was identified as spam for awhile but it only took one email to WordPress/Akismet to get it stopped. They don’t use the Akismit filter on the that site for some pretty obvious reasons so I was able to send them a message.


  3. I am experiencing the same thing,Peri. Everyday it says that more spam has been deleted but shows not spams for me to view in the admin area. I sent feedback to WordPress.com about it and explained it to them. They told me twice that Akismet only automatically deletes spam posted to posts more 30 days old.Since I find it highly unlikely that all of the spam being blocked lately was posted to posts more than 30 days old, I am left to conclude that the people who work for wordpress.com are either liars or morons.


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  5. Akismet will eventually find itself in court. Just look at the E-mail spam blacklists. They are closing because lawsuits threatened their very existence. Surely Akismet will meet the same fate because it does not discriminate.

    Those requesting removal from Akismet are being met with an E-mail response that states they are clearly not a blacklist for spam. Despite what they say, that is exactly what they are and Akismet is moving onto bigger and better things then blogs. They say one can use Akismet on forums as well.. how idiotic, whose going to use this stupid service 😦


  6. I hope they never get rid of it. So far Akismet has blocked over 26,000 spam comments from my blog. It would have been a nightmare having to check for spam everyday. In fact, it would have made keeping this blog open not worth my time. While Akismet is not perfect and I suppose nothing really is, the alternative is far worse.


  7. craig

    akemist has also blocked my friends spam from getting through but you can just go to it and have it release the post hope this helps ya


  8. That’s so funny! Akismet knew you were wrong and blocked ya for it. Lmao! If Akismet automatically deletes a comment, you cannnot approve it, because it is gone. Get the concept of delete realy well, dont’ we?(sarcasm)

    Thx for reaplying,though. It was most amusing to see this comment in spam.:)


  9. How do I get Akismet to stop deleting spam that it found. So far, 8 comments have been automatically deleted and I can’t even see them! How do I stop Akismet from killing comments?!


  10. I do not work for wordpress and know no more than what I have typed here.


  11. Is there anyway to force Akismet off (like some sort of viroid program)? I have noticed that my “manual” spam queue (ie. the spam that is caught if any of the words in it match my “unwanted word list”) is able to override Akismet, so I might be able to get EVERY comment into my “manual” spam queue, so I can decide what is spam and what is not. Does that sound like a good idea?


  12. Might not be. Life has a way of coming artound and biting us on the ass and I am certain that could easily happen with this. Fact is, you never know what you will be typing tommorrow.

    Yes, Akismet does delete spam automatically but only after a certain amount of time has passed. If you check your blog once a week, you will be good to go.:) It does get better with time and learns,so hang in there.:)


  13. I found out what Akismet does with spam it has found. It doesn’t delete it, it sends it to your spam queue. The reason Akismet says it protected your site from more spam comments than are present in your spam queue is because it will not show you duplicate spam comments. Akismet doesn’t automatically delete spam it has found, it only deletes duplicates.

    Go to http://akismet.com/faq/ and read the 12th FAQ.


  14. Well ya it does put them in the que 1st but after 30 days it DOES also automatically delete what is 30 days old.


  15. I know. Although I think it waits just 15 days before deleting them.


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