I have returned…

Oh so what! Your back,who gives a flying frick, right? Probably nobody cares and probably nobody will notice. Such is the way of things of this world.

Regardless, of how many will read and care, I shall spout forth a small tale of where I was and what I will be up to next.

Not sure what direction I wished to move this blog in, for I was not completely sure I liked the direction it was going, I decided to take a break from the blogging. So I pondered what I might do and decided to go play a game I had played before.

The game is a strategy game and I knew that it would be a challenge me. Clear out some of the cobwebs and get some lucid thoughts flowing again, was the goal in mind with my doing this. No, I am not going to post a link to the website and it will be clear why as you read on.

So I went to the game site and payed so that I could play 8 games. I played my 1st one and won and everything was going fine. Then a couple of players got wind that I was returning player and that I had a different game ID last time I was there. They had the opinion that I should reveal my previous game ID. Since I could no longer remember and really felt it was unimportant, I told them that I would not reveal my previous game ID.

That is when the harrassment began. They kept sending me emails and posting on the game’s message boards all sorts of insults and obsenities. I told the game administration of it and nothing got done about it. After about 2 weeks of the harrassment, I deicded to leave. Two of the games I had a chance of winning in and one game had not even started yet. What a total waste of my time, energy, money, and patience that was.

Harrassment on the internet is a pretty common problem I suppose, however the administrators of a website should not just ignore it. You cannot expect to retain customers if you look the other way. This seems like common sense but apparently it is not.

Now that I have returned with a new admiration for my blogging experience, I have to address the direction of this blog. While the original direction of this blog was to focus more on my writings and the darker side of life, this blog has ended up becoming more of a haven for jokes. While this is not a bad thing as I am most certainly a jester in real life, I do not feel this blog tells the whole story.

Therefore, I am considering a 2nd blog for that other side of me. A blog that will focus mainly on my writings. In the meantime, I have work to do on this blog still and that is what I will be doing over the course of next week.

Thanks for reading this far and have a great weekend everyone!



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8 responses to “I have returned…

  1. Well, you chose to post about being harassed online, on Stop Cyberbullying Day.

    Imagine that!

    Now all you have to do is tag this post with


    and technorati will pick it up as part of the effort.

    Nice to see you again.


  2. Only one link in that comment… hopefully askimet will not suddenly decide to think I’m spam again.



  3. Hmmm, well, I was not aware of what day it was. Guess it was ment to be.:)


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  5. Hello dude,

    Thanks for dropping by constantly [I think]. Really really, the lack of time is killing me. And my muse too. Not a single completed poem in the year of 2007. I should be ashamed!

    And what happened to your locks??! Presumably you shorn it off?

    On a side note, I was thinking of starting another web-log as well, just so I could indulge in the “other” side of me. 😉

    Au revoir.


  6. I grow tired of dealling with the hair and chop it off. In 2 yrs it will be long again.

    So what other side of you, would you be sharing in another blog?


  7. Well, the 2 avenues that I’m exploring is one for reviews and what I call write-me-ups (articles and stuff). The primary one would be my poetry/prose, which little of it I have seen yet. Lol.


  8. Well, I will always be interested in reading the poetry/prose that you write.:)


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