Prom Day in “The Hood”

I debated awhile on whether I should make this post. Not really out of any concern about what others might think of me. I know who I am and who my friends are.

The reason for debating was really more simplistic than that. I simply did not want to deal with any possible emails that may arise from this.

Many will view this post as a joke and believe that is what was the intention of the author.Then there are those few who are always looking for the bad in everything and I am certain at least one of them will find this post and scream “racist”.

For that person, I say these things. 

1. I did not create this post. It was sent to me via email and I posted it verbatim(including the comments).

2. Chances are the person who created the email was a man of color. Do you really think a white guy stood around taking pictures at a black prom? LOL!

3. I am no more racist than you are. Everyone is a little racist whether they admit it or not. Those that refuse to admit it are just liars. I am not a racist, I dislike everyone!

So I decided to post this and I hope other people enjoy it also. I found it to humerous and I also thought some of the clothes were rather cool!




Jar Jar, Lord Fauntleroy and Gunga Din .. take note
of the numerous police vehicles and the ambulance!


Prom dresses sure have changed since I was in high school !


What is that around her neck?


Why all the “POleece” in the background?


There is a Buick with missing seat covers
somewhere in The Hood .


He stole that hat from Boy George ….


Do these dresses make our asses look fat?
(No, your asses make these dresses look fat!)


What’s holding those up?


No comment .


Who’s Yo Daddy?






The token white guy.




And, last but not least:



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9 responses to “Prom Day in “The Hood”

  1. I know I’m going to racist hell to be with most Southern sheriffs, but I have to admit, I laughed out loud.



  2. Yeah, I laughed a little too. . . .”There is a Buick with missing seat covers somewhere in The Hood”


  3. I must confess — I did indeed chuckle a bit *prays for forgiveness*


  4. Kris

    Are these like real people?


  5. As far as I know these are indeed real people!



  6. C’mon black people aren’t real people. XD


  7. thewriterspath

    since they are real people as you have intelligently
    then know this…..
    real people have real feelings..

    signed a black girl..who has contempt for those assert they are only a little racist and use the lame rationale that since everyone is….that makes doing insensitve things that perpetrate racism… okay..

    rock on ‘brother”


  8. You come here and complain to me about a email that I posted 2 1/2 yrs. ago? Pointing the finger at me as if you know me or I had anything to do with this email,which btw,is probably still circulating the internet.

    Are you going to run and point at the person who created it, the one who took the pics and sent the email? Are you going to run and point at those who have since copied this very post into their blogs?

    Or are you the REAL racist because you saw a white guy had made this post and thought he was to blame?

    Before you go pointing fingers and laying the blame on anyone..before you proclaim yourself judge and jury..before you declare who is racist and who is not, you should take a hard look at yourself.

    I am not a racist by any means or definition. I hate everyone equally.:)

    You, little miss “black girl”, might be.

    Thx for your imput even if it was a little late,missing words, and had a few misspellings.



  9. ErieLangstaff

    Well just so you don’t feel left out. I am a gentleman from the south, Where we are all rednecks. He has more pictures of how we live, using a rake to cook “hot dogs” on. But you don’t hear me over there complaining. These pictures were posted with no ill will. They were posted here so everybody can get a laugh. We should be thanking this person for giving us all a good laugh. and trying to brighten our day with a little bit of laughter.


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