I have returned

After a month hiatus, I have come back. I suppose, some might wonder where I have been. While I did spend a little time working on some financial things, reorganizing and such, the bulk of that time was spent playing Gears Of War on Xbox Live.

1st thought by most would be, what a waste of time! And for the most part I would not disagree. However, I paid my money and was certainly going to get my money’s worth out of it. Then there is a the challenge factor. Nothing like trying to match wits with another human. Yes, I also got a few achievements out of it also. Like the much coveted 10,000 kills.

I could go into all the things I learned about humans and how much the game confirmed for me, once again, the many aspects of human nature that I have believed to be true.But by doing such a thing, I believe it would just show how negative my beliefs are and all that really matters is that I know the truth.

Let me just say this…people are worse online than they are in reality. Guess the fact that they think there are no repercussions for their actions, leads them to do things they would not do normally.

Aaah,well, lessons learned and time to move on. more to come soon!


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