What’s next, continued…

Seeing as employment is not even an option right now and my oldest son seems to be interested in learning HTML I believe I am going to be working on a website with him this summer.

I have built many websites in the past. From building an MSN group from nothing to making websites for a few businesses. In fact, it is the main reason why I still use my computer. I love to make graphics(of course, if you have read my graphics page, you already knew this).

 I am thinking I will have him doing alot of the leg work to begin with. Scanning and reducing pictures. While I work on the finding the host and setting up basic design struture.Then I can design the pages and let him do any coding involved and of course discuss each page together so that the end result is something we both like.

Who knows, he may not even be interested in it at all. After all, it is his summer vacation. I guess if he does not want to help then I will probably do it myself so at least I have a website that has more graphics wise, than I can ever put here.

Got some new jokes and pictures to be posted soon. Laterz!



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