The Truth about Plasma TVs

 If you have read alot of websites, checking into all the new television technologies, I am sure you will have discovered alot of praise for Plasma TVs. Looking a little further you may have discovered alot of these sites are in the business of selling these TVs.

Well, what you will find here is my personal experience with a plasma TV.  No lies to sell it, no bullshit about this or that. Only what I saw happen with my 42″ Samsung Plasma TV.

My plasma Tv has built in pixel shift technology ment to prevent screen burn in. It was turned on and set to the recommended setting via the owner’s manual. I discovered today while trying to figure out how to fix another problem I was having. I went to the all white screen to see if the blue sploches I was seeing(I will talk of that problem more later) were burn in. I discovered the blue sploches were not burn in but that I did have burn in from a video game. I was very surprised to find this had happened. I have had a big screen rear  projection TV for many years previous to this TV. I was always aware of burn in on it and therefore have always been in the habit of being very careful about it.Fact is I never left any image on my new plasma for more than 5 minutes and I got burn in!!!

So after discovering the burn in, it is needless to say but I was extremely unhappy as this  had nothing to do with the other problem.

The other problem is that these bright blue splotches show up on the top left side of my screen for no apparent reason. I have tried changing to every different source(tv,video game,dvd,etc.) and they are still there. I did a search on the internet and could find nothing about this problem.

This fucking TV is less than 2 months old and I paid $1500.00 for it. Even if Samsung actually fixes the blue splotch error, the burn in will always be there. Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your money on a plasma TV. You will just be pissed off in the end!


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38 responses to “The Truth about Plasma TVs

  1. Chris

    I had the same blue splotches on the left side with my philips ambilight TV, I read on another website that this problem can be caused by a loose connection. I use the HDMI cable to connect my TV and disconnecting it and reconnecting solved this problem. Try it you may be plesantly surprised. Unfortuneatly this probably will not help with the burn in, which so far I do not have.


  2. If it was just one bad connection then it should not have had blue splotches on every source I used. I moved the tv and the blue splotches went away. I am thinking it was a power thing. I am probably going to sell it though since the screen burn seems to occur so easily.Can’t help but feeling I was ripped off not matter how you look at it.


  3. Chris

    Before you sell try one other thing if you can. I dont know if you can do this on samsung but on my philips there is a USB port and you can download firmware updates from the website. Its like flashing the firmware or drivers on a computer, it might reset whatever went “out of wack”.


  4. It is still under warranty so a technician is supposed to come out and fix it. The screen burn on this thing is just outrageous. You cannot even play videos games at all on it.I think the pixel shift technology is either a piece of shit or not working at all.
    If the technician does not find anything wrong with the pixel shift function, then I am going to get rid of it. No sense keeping a TV you cannot even play video games on without burn in.

    I am so fucking discusted with this piece of shit right now. I wonder how far I can throw it!!!


  5. Jason

    I also have a 42 inch plasma with blue sploches on the upper left size. I havent left the tv on 1 screen . never used the 4:3 ratio and it seems to be getting better. total piece of shit. email me at if you know how to get rid of this. Shhheeet.


  6. According to the technician that came to my house, the blue splotches are because of bad plasma, not screen burn. They will have to take the TV to the shop and replace the Plasma.
    I waited for over a month and a half before Samsung finally agreed to replace the Tv with a new one.

    Good luck!



  7. martin

    i have had my 42″ samsung plasma all of two days and am already pissed of with it,every time i set up the colour/contrast/sharpness ect and screen size its ok for ten or fifthteen mins and then resets itself,any one else had this problem,cheers


  8. I did not have that problem but I did notice you have to set up each imput seperately.I think I read of others having this problem you describe at Amazon.




    Blue spots sounds like a defect.

    As for burn in, what you are describing sounds like image retention. This will occur on all plasma tv’s and will disappear after jut a few minutes of watching tv. It will reduce over time as the plasma ages. Like you said, you had no idea it was there until you went to an all white screen. I own both LCD and Plasma tv’s and I use both for gaming and movies, and the plasma has a “deeper” picture that appears much more natural than the “flat” looking LCD.


  10. Umm,wow! Wondering if he read the article before commenting. I stated in this article or the next that the blue splotches were bad plasma.

    I know the difference between shadows and screen burn in. The screen burn in is red in color and does not go away or diminish.

    The burn in never went away and if you want to know what happened, read parts 2-5.



  11. Kristi

    Okay Axe,
    I have the same problem you do. We only use our TV in the evenings, don’t play video games, so I guess that could be considered “light use”. However, we have only had the thing for 10 months, (it’s a 42 in. Samsung) and the blue is showing up on the upper right hand and left hand areas of the TV. I am pissed! For 1500 dollars, I expected a few good years out of it. So, my question: Is the final answer plasma replacement in the TV? That sounds lengthy and expensive and a pain in the ass that should not have to be endured after dropping more than a grand on a TV.


  12. Read the rest.I ended up selling the replacement one they sent me because they sent me a used one. I will never buy a samsung electronics product again.


  13. Thanks Axe for this site and thanks to all for their feedback. I purchased a 42″ Sharp LCD TV after a LOT of research. Plasma falls short.

    As for Samsung. I seemed to know implicitly over the years NOT to buy any electronics from them. I know a person in business who knows something about Samsung management from the inside. They say they are a pretty ruthless bunch. Seems that way of doing business has trickled down to the quality of their plasma screens.

    I have bought Sharp products for years and never had a problem with the item or customer service.

    Steve S. Oregon


  14. Fletch

    I also had blue splotches. Mine were in the lower left corner of the screen and were noticeable in dark scenes. I notified Samsung and they sent a tech out who made some adjustments (to what I don’t know). He stated that the splotches can be blue or red and are a result of seasonal temperature variations. He said it would not be a permanent fix. I got in just under the one year warranty so there was no charge this time.
    Other than this problem, it has been an awesome TV,


  15. Does not sound quite the same.I sold the used tv they replaced my new one with, I lost $1000.00 !!!


  16. Terry

    I have been reading all your comments, I just bought a 58″ samsung plasma. I only had it for 5 weeks, I only watch dvd’s on it, while watching a movie a vertical black line appeared on the top right side of the pict frame about 4 inches from the side this 2inch line extends about 12 inches from top to bottom. This
    is probably a defect, but I was not expecting this to have, I clearly see why everyone is getting upset about plasma. I totally support the technology but this is scary when you invest so much in a tv and can’t enjoy it cause you are too scared something might happen to it again! plasma give great picture quality, but don’t think its worth the headache sometimes. next time i shall try an lcd. good luck to you all.


  17. webbdog

    well i have a 42″ plasma (LG) and i have blue spots all over but only in dark sceens. Si its not a problem just effecting samsung as for the brand its self the only great tv they made was the rear projection i had one for many years and not a problem at all.
    As for the blue spots i have no idea only after reading this forum i gather its eather somthing to do with a bad unit or temp changes as this is the firs time its been cold and it has only started happening in winter????? go figure.
    I hope some one can get some facts on this problem and post them as i would like to know for sure what makes it do this.

    Thanks ppl


  18. As I stated before the technician said it was bad plasma.Whether he was telling the truth or not, I do not know. Good luck on finging more info on this as i found none when I posted this post.


  19. Tim

    Well for what it’s worth, I had a tech over the other day for the blue splotching in my samsung plasma 42 (I’d rather call the duckets I forked over for this mine again)
    tech said it is the “Y” sustain board (he didn’t replace board that he brought with him,Me now thinks he is running scam with warranty company
    (yup warranty company is furious)
    Now I watched him adjust the tv .for what it’s worth if your out of warranty
    looking from the back with it open there is an adjustment on the far left side middle with a “Y’ next to it, with the tv turned back on you can adjust those suckers out! Remember touch anything else and your on your way to an electronics degree the hard way! (don’t care my self)

    He also did say the voltage is set high and over time the plasma wears down and there is voltage adjustments (center to the upper right)
    ever so slight turn counter clockwise to lower voltage (about 1/16 turn at a time )this should help with pic as it slowly dies!

    But remember after warranty! And if your turning your tv into an awesome lighted coffee table !
    P.S Not a tech just watched one!


  20. Not worth anything since that plasma tv is LOOONG gone. I am enjoying my 1080p lcd tv currently with no problems at all.


  21. AlanS

    Please please dont make the same mistake as I did when I recently brought a Samsung 50″ plasma model PS50a456p, its totally crap! even on very low picture setting it gets BAD image retention and after just 30-40 minutes on a games console ive had image burn thats still there 200 hours later. Just to finish Please think very carefully about buying a plasma tv.


  22. franky

    omg i have the same problem..i got my samsung 42 inch plasma about 2 years ago or maybe less then that..and i got it at circuit city as an open box sale…it was new just returned from somebody that bought it before me and realized that there was a tiny dent so for that lil dent i only paid $800 for it the time i figured i made a great deal i mean 2 years ago 42 inch plasma wasent as popular as today….but today i feel like trowing this piece of shit outta the window..cause i also get blu spots on the left side of the tv and only in dark scenes..and when its dark i get weirs spots all over the tv…i hooked up my pc to it…im thinkin that was the problem that caused it ….but now i kinda feel better cause im not the only one whos dealing with the blu…..well i tried to fix it by changing the settings to the grey sides on both sides of the tv and it seems to work.its just ugly to look at those greay sides….other then that the tv it self looks prety nice i mean its sharp and flat the speakers are hidden…very cool lookin tv..but ill never buy samsung again…i also have a 55 inch hitachi lcd projector tv…this thing is the best never a problem at all…picture looks great still after 8 years….


  23. I ended up getting a Insignia(best buy brand) 1080p lcd tv to replace the crap Samsung. I have not had a single problem with it.Looks better also.:)


  24. General

    I have a Samsung 42″ plasma that use to have a bluish green stripe down the left side of the screen and small blotches everywhere else. I tried changing sources, checking cables, adjusting settings and nothing helped. I finally got pissed off and punched the top of the tv. Guess what, that fixed it! The picture went back to being nice and clear. I assume it must have a loose connection somewhere internally or maybe something loose on the circuit board. I don’t really know. But about every 3 to 4 months the spots come back, I hit it and everything go’s back to normal. I don’t know that this will work for anyone else but if your warranty is expired it might be worth a shot.


  25. al

    i have a tv is sharp aqous has weird blue spots on it.. i am pissed off…


  26. Thomas

    I have(had) a Samsung 42″ plasma. two years old and its a doorstop now. Screen went black one day and never came back. Had it checked and tech says board is bad and not fixable. So here i sit with a $2000 piece of shit. Beware of them as you say, they ARE ruthless bastards and could give a shit about it. Their response was sorry maybe you should try our LCD. Maybe they should try kissing my ass.


  27. Lcd Tvs are not really a good alternative either. Do a little research and you will find that Lcd Tvs may not suffer from image burn in but do suffer from image retention.Basically, just a different term for the same problem. The end result is the same, a image permanently left on your tv screen. After having went from Samsung Plasma to a best buy brand LCD and ending up with the same problem, I am about ready to say goodbye to TV altogether.


  28. Ryan

    Just get a DLP Projector, no burn in but bulbs are expensive to replace every two years.


  29. Manster

    A lot of the stuff they make today is utter crap.

    The CRT Tube will always be the best in regards to picture quality and longevity. Don’t believe the hype, and you are soo right.


  30. @ Ryan-Hard to even find those dlps now,hoping the next gen is better than this one.

    @Manster-Same deal with the CRTS now,hard to find. Unfortunately, alot of people will have to buy this gen of crap and deal until the next gen comes out simply because you cannot find crt or dlp new now-a-days. Have to wait and see how quickly people jump into the next gen after being pissed off at this one. Somehow I do not think it looks to good for the TV makers.


  31. Jus

    I’m getting this Blue discolouration on the left side of my samsung 42″ plasma too. More noticeable now when watching football. The white lines are blue and any white or blue clothing is blue too in this area.
    It can’t be bad plasma if alot of people have the same problem on the same side ?


  32. Jason

    I have somewhat of a similar problem. 1 1/2 year old 42 inch plasma. Right side of the screen is red when color back round is black. Fortunately I bought with a 2 year factory warranty. They say the plasma screen has to be replaced.


  33. T

    Does anyone hae a “purple haze” issue with a Samsung 50″ Plasma tv? Any fixes?


  34. Do you mean litterly or figuratively? Since I do not know, I will make suggestion for both.:) If you mean you have a “real” purple haze effect going on your plasma, I suspect it is problably a problem similiar to the ones I and others who posted had, the blue splotches. Probably just a different pathway of information being sent to the plasma has been effected. However, since the tech never actually told me what the problem was technically, I could not even venture to guess more than that.
    Now for the figurative side of things. If you are seeing a purple haze on your screen that is NOT really there, then I suggest you reduce or even completely eliminate any drugs you may be currently taking. Hallucinations might be kinda of fun for a little while but with time the become very dangerous to you and those around you.


  35. Ric

    I own a 59″ Samsung Plasma and I’m getting the purple hazing across the screen horizontally at the top and a larger spot of hazing just below on the right and also lower right. Seems to be getting worse. Lord why me?


  36. Ric

    Just talked to Samsung with online chat agent. Reset all factory settings and told to just go watch and see if it helped. Could not tell me what was changed to possibly help problem. Ugh……


  37. Although this took place a long time ago, I will reply again. Samsung replaced my NEW bad tv with a used one. I ended up pawning it and buying a lcd and have not bought a Samsung product since. GL to you though.


  38. Generalo…m8, please can you come over and go Kratos onto my broken Samsung piece of shiart like you did yours? I’ve tried everything and my nana taught me not to force stuff when I was a kid but this seems the only way(apart from J.B.’s way of getting a lcd (or an led now they are here)). Bloody Samsung…


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