Crazy Tape Figures

All of these were made from ordinary scotch tape. It took a long time to put this post together since the pictures would not download properly. However, I managed to put all of the pictures I recieved in the email here. Enjoy!

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3 responses to “Crazy Tape Figures

  1. Angela Here is the artist’s site.


  2. Hey, thx for that, I guess, Not sure why you thought I needed it. As I noted this was recieved in my email and I am sure many people have.



  3. angie

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put these tape figures together and up on the web!
    I received them in June 07 and was in awe of the astists capabilities. They are beautiful!
    I lost them recently. I have no idea why. Now instead of the photos in my email I have a bunch of little boxes that say OBJ.
    I wanted to print some of them out and now I can. Thanks to you.


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