My impression of the Xbox 360

I just called Xbox yesterday and I now wait for a box to send my 2nd Xbox 360 console back to them for replacement. So considering that I am going to my 3rd Xbox 360 in 14 months I guess you could say my impression of xbox 360 is that it is the worst video game console I have ever owned.

Going to sell the new one when it gets to me and I will never buy another piece of microsoft hardware again.

Looking forward to getting a PS3!


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4 responses to “My impression of the Xbox 360

  1. Good luck with the PS3. It’s already been announced E3-wise that there is a 50% cut of their projected games for the rest of the year, and that the most anticipated Final Fantasy and White Night Story are being largely delayed because they are both being developed to cross consoles to the XBox 360.

    The PS3 is presently the biggest and shittiest paperweight I own. The @Home online service sucks so much ass.


  2. I must admit that I did not even care for the direction Microsoft was going with in the xbox 360. It seemed very apparent that microsoft was determined to keep the family from playing together.Alot of the earlier games, the only multiplayer mode in a game was online. No local multiplayer mode.
    There are still quite alot of games like this.However, despite this i gave Microsoft and there engineering mistake called the xbox 360 more than enough chances to get it right.
    If you bought 2 cars or lawnmowers from the same company and they continued to break down early,would you buy their products anymore?

    The answer is more than likely” Hell no!”. I have had enough,end of story.


  3. Not saying stick with the XBox, but you really should wait another 6 to 9 months before buying a PS3. Right now, as it is, it’s just a giant paperweight with like 4 games worth playing.


  4. LOL! I understand what you are saying. If the truth be told though there are not that many games on the 360 that I like.
    After a family discussion on the matter it turns out that we are going to keep the next(3rd) 360 and hope the problem has been fixed.


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