The Truth about Plasma Tvs(Part #2)

Well, let me summerize what was in my 1st post.

I had a blue patches appearing on my plasma tv and discoverd burn-in from video games(even though I never played any video game with out changing the screen every 15 mins)

Since it was under warranty(it was less than 2 months old) I called Samsung about the blue patches I was seeing on the left side of the screen. They told me a technician would have to look at it. 2 weeks later someone finally shows up to look at my TV. I tell him what the problem is(blue patches) and he says that the plasma is bad and will have to be replaced. It will take 7 to 10 business days. O.k. No problem I think.

A month later I still have not heard anything about my plasma TV so I call the repair shop and find out they still have not recieved the part! I was told by the service man that ” They will probably never get the part”.

So I call Samsung customer service about this. After alot of holding( I was on the phone with them for over 2 hours), I was told that the part was to be shipped that day and the repair shop should would receive it within 4 days. I was told this on July 9th, 2007. (Keep in mind we are already a month and half after I 1st called them about my plasma TV)

So today, now 2 weeks since I was told the part would be shipped to the repair shop I had not heard anything, so I call the repair shop to ask what was going on with my plasma TV and they tell me they still have not recieved the part! WTF? I was lied to by Samsung Customer support. They never frickin’ sent the part!!!

So now, mad as is humanly possible, I call Samsung Customer service again to find out why they never sent the part. After being put on hold 3 times and waiting for more than an hour I was told” I do not know what happened to the part. It is on back-order now. I am going to put in a request for you to get new replacement TV. Call back tommorrow to find out the status of it”

This now 2 months since I 1st called Samsung and it is still not fixed and there is no indication that it will ever be fixed. AND I still have to call these fuckheads again and wait on hold for them to get their shit together and tell me another lie.

Probably going to end up sueing them before this is over.

Never buy a plasma TV and if you are dumb enough to do that, then at least make sure it is not a Samsung!


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10 responses to “The Truth about Plasma Tvs(Part #2)

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  2. Paul

    You are not alone with your screen burn problem. My Samsung plasma burned in in a few short days. The vurn was caused by commercials in 4:3 ratio. I willnever buy a poduct from Samsung again. They have no customer service, are rude, and leave you holding the bag. The Samsung plasma I bought is JUNK.


  3. TvGeek

    Thia ia utter nonsense! Don’t believe any of this! This guy must work for Sony! No plasma will get burn in after five minutes! That is pure da da! Samsung has long had pixel shifting and it works very well. I work with these TV’s daily and I have never seen anything like this. I had guitar hero on a Samsung and a Philips for 9 months at 12 hours a day, and neither got any image retention or “burn-in” Five Minutes? Puhleaaaase?


  4. Do you just post to look stupid or are you really stupid? The funny thing is i have witnesses who saw what happened, so go preach someone else as i already lost over $1000.00 ona plasma tv and there is no convincing me. I KNOW better!


  5. BlueMan,Too

    I have a 42 Samsung Plasma and am having the same issue. The blue splotches started in the lower left and are now in the lower middle, also.

    This set was purchased late in ’06, so it’s a little over 2 years old.

    It takes about 30 minutes after it is turned on before it appears.

    I have talked to several people at the sotre where I purchased it and all I get is a blank stare and the offer to send a tech to my house at a high cost with no assurance they can fix it.



  6. Good luck on that! I replaced my Samsung piece of shit with a Insignia Lcd from bestbuy. Looks better and not a single problem yet. The proce was so good I even got a 4 yr. service contract to go with it. Probably will never need it.


  7. Andrea

    We have a Philips plasma. It has a blue splotchy thing on the bottom left corner of the screen. It also turns itself on. If we use the power button on the side of the tv, it will turn itself on with a few hours. At night it will turn itself on around 5:30 am, so now I make sure the volume is down almost all the way to make sure I do get woken by the tv. I love the clarity of the tv… But there are problems the manufacturer needs to figure out.


  8. theblaknight

    i myself have a samsuck 42″. but i have red splotches. one goes from top to bottom on the right side of the set. and this red splotche is the only place where things might burn in. on my set that is. and to make matters worse i got mine form circut city like a month befor the went under and the warr. they offerd is now going through a 3rd party, have no idea who, but who gives a fuck its not like id get anything out of them. so im with u axe, fuck ’em.


  9. I think Tigerdirect owns so they may own everything else too. Ya having an extended warranty when a company goes under sucks too.
    I had that happen with the washer and dryer set I bought from Montgomery Wards many years ago. The company that bought them would not honor the warranty at all.

    Worse thing though is that I have found out the LcdS can also burn in images and now you can’t find anything but them on the market.:(

    Hope the next wave of tvs gets here soon and does not have this problem.


  10. Norblanc

    I have spots that only appear on a total white screen, it’s a 42′ samsung. When
    I turn on the test screen the spots never appear. I know they are serious but I rarely see them but know they are there, would anyone know if this gest worse?
    I had the tv for more than a year and it has great picture quality. Samsung makes good products but I do agree with their customer service.


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