My Xbox 360

This is really a follow up from my previous article titled ” My Impression on the xbox 360″. However, you do not have to read that article in order to understand this one.

Over 3 weeks ago I contacted Microsoft about my xbox 360 which keeps freezing up. They said the would send me a box to ship it back in. I should recieve the box in 3 days.

A day later I get a email from them saying the box has been shipped, but it does not include a name of the shipper or a valid tracking number. A week later I get another email from Microsoft asking where my xbox 360 is! Well duh! I never got a box to ship it back to them. So I have to call Microsoft again.

After talking with a couple employes and finally a supervisor, it is revealed to me that the box was never sent because the idiot who did it the first time screwed it up. So they are going to redo it.

This time I do recieve a email that says UPS is shipping it and had a tracking number that works. Funny thing is 5 days have passed since I called Microsoft the 2nd time about my xbox 360 and I still have not recieved the box. So I got check the tracking number at UPS and this is what I find…
 Tracking Detail   | Help  

Your package is in the UPS system and has a rescheduled delivery date of 07/26/2007.

Tracking Number:  Not giving this out!    
Type:  Package    
Status:  In Transit – Rescheduled   
Rescheduled Delivery:  07/26/2007   
Shipped To:  NEEDVILLE, TX, US   
Shipped/Billed On:  07/21/2007   
Service:  GROUND   
Weight:  1.00 Lb   

Package Progress 
Location  Date  Local Time  Description 
TX,  US  07/25/2007  9:21 A.M.  ARRIVAL SCAN 
TX,  US  07/25/2007  2:29 A.M.  DEPARTURE SCAN 
 07/25/2007  1:30 A.M.  ARRIVAL SCAN 
TX,  US  07/24/2007  8:59 P.M.  DEPARTURE SCAN 
 07/24/2007  1:28 P.M.  ORIGIN SCAN 

Tracking results provided by UPS:  07/25/2007 1:54 P.M.  ET  

Notice anything strange…like how it took UPS 3 days to pick up my box from Microsoft!

So basically you have Microsoft screwing up the 1st box shipment and UPS screwing up the 2nd box shipment.

I am supposed to get it tommorow after the UPS reschedule, we shall see.

BTW, if I ever get another xbox 360 it will be my 3rd one in less than 14 months.


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4 responses to “My Xbox 360

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  2. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post


  3. XboxLover

    Yo dude i hate ups so much now i order a xbox 360 on thursday night at which is 2/12/09 so it was a 3 day delivery so i thought it will probably come at like sat
    or probably monday but no ups has to do some stupid shit and make it come wed make me wait longer. It first said that it will come monday 2/16/09 but i got resceduled and
    now it come 2/18/09 man i hate them so much


  4. Just think, you would not have to deal with UPS if Microsoft could build a working Xbox 360! LMAO!


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