Gotta Love Adobe

A pop-up tells me a new Version of Adobe Reader is availble so, as usual I click yes to update. So it takes me to the site and I click continue. It takes me to the next page and it says add google toolbar and I uncheck that. Not noticing the fine print. It automatically installs Photoshop Album Starter Edition and there is no way you can uncheck it.

I already have a photo album, photo exployer, and photo editing package. I really do not need photo software shoved down my frickin’ throat. My last update of their software.Period! 




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3 responses to “Gotta Love Adobe

  1. i think you can uninstall it. at least what i did was to uncheck the box.


  2. It would not let me uncheck it when it was installation time. I ended up uninstalling it after It was done installing.


  3. Adobe is just straight up cocky, you know?


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