Cloning Gone Really Bad

 First thing, for the record, I did not create any of these. I am NOT certain if I could do any of these. I am certain I do not have the time and passion for it. I am also certain you will also enjoy viewing them as I have. I recieved them via email and I have to not modified them in any way. Enjoy!


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6 responses to “Cloning Gone Really Bad

  1. Miss Li

    Well… some of them looked cute. Haha A bird-dog I could fit into the palm of my hand! How convenient. (Its poop is probably easier to clean up than a dog’s.)


  2. how would you call an animal that both looks like a dog and a monkey. this is seriously weird, but i find them cute.


  3. @ Miss Li and bebenibadoodles
    Hi there,glad you like them. I must admit some of them I found rather cute while others were just plain disturbing.
    Either way you look at it though, if these were the results of a cloning experiment, then it certainly went bad.Because when you clone you are supposed to make a exact copy of one species, not two!



  4. mystarbucks

    These were made using Photoshop and are on Flektor is a video and photo editing tool that easily allows you to drag and drop media to create slideshows and videos and it is totally free. You can go to flektor and see who the direktor is that made these picks and watch it with music in a slideshow.


  5. Did you look at the pictures? Each picture has a link on it. I do not need more than that.


  6. ickyyuckpotatoes

    kjjhjuhgjkh not right man…. even thought they are kinda funny nd cute….


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