The truth about Plasma Tvs(The finale)

If you have read my previous posts on this matter you will know that Samsung, after 2 months, finally replaced my new Tv with a used one. I called them and they claim the TV is new. Yet, when I ask them to verify the serial number,they cannot.

How can they know the plasma tv they sent me was new, when they do not even know its serial number?

The fact is they are lying to me and it would not be the 1st time. Now they want me to send them pictures as proof that the tv is used.

This is apparently just another ploy to stall me. Therefore, I decided to sell the used TV they sent me. I lost $1000.00 in the deal.

I learned my lesson and I hope you have learned something from reading these articles on plasma tv.




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4 responses to “The truth about Plasma Tvs(The finale)

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  2. alex lashley

    helpful stuff, wish i saw it earlier, before i bought the tv. same thing happened to me with the blue splotches. i wonder if its any use calling them.


  3. They replaced the tv with blue splotches with a used tv. When I called them they asked for pictures, which seemed to me another way of stalling. I sold the TV for a $1000.00 loss.


  4. I found your site when searching Google for “replacement cloth for Samsung plasma” (no quotes, though).

    Sorry to hear about this situation with your plasma (yes I read your entire plasma TV story). I have a new 50″ Samsung 1080p plasma and am hoping to God that nothing like this happens to me, because I go postal on businesses when they try to pedal their crap and lies on me.

    I also read your bit on DirecTV and, boy, you should have seen what they tried to pull on me. Fortunately that’s all worked out now and I’m a (relatively) satisfied customer. Considering that Comcast was my previous television programming provider, you kind of have nowhere to go but up when it comes to customer service. That turned out to be only slightly true.

    I hope you were at least able to find a suitable replacement HDTV. Good luck!



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