Ps3 vs 360

If you have been reading any of my posts about my xbox 360, then you clearly know that I have had major issues with the xbox 360. I am currently waiting for my 4th 360 to arrive.

In the meantime, I have been speaking with people on message boards about my 360 problems and mentioning I might switch to the ps3. The biggest comment I have heard is “the ps3 has no games” so I did a little research and found this…

Browse PlayStation 3 Games (186)

Granted not all of these are on the market just yet, but they will be. Looks like the last arguement xbox 360 owners have is about to turn to dust.

When my 4th xbox 360 arrives, if it actually works, I will use it until March 08, then I will buy a ps3 and gladly sell the xbox 360.

 I suggest others do the same. This insanity that microsoft calls the xbox 360 needs to end.

To continue reading about my xbox 360 experiences,click here .




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3 responses to “Ps3 vs 360

  1. mystarbucks

    Playstation is wayyyyyy better than XBox


  2. Steve

    I think you would regret it and I would stick with the Xbox 360, sure the launch consoles had a problem even m$ doesnt deny that, and bad customer service aside the 360 is just ahead of the game right now.

    Now i own a 360 myself so i might be a little biased , but I know what it’s like (mine is at repair centre right now) but i still wouldn’t change to the PS3.. at least not until the PS3 starts leading the next gen consoles, at the moment is way behind.


  3. Perhaps you should have read some other posts about my microsoft 360 experience.Then you would not have left this stupid comment.:)


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