Finally, got my 4TH xbox 360 back from Microsoft…it stopped reading game discs in less than 2 wks.

 I am so tired of getting faulty crap from Microsoft. Now I am searching for a Lawyer who is willing to sue Microsoft. I wasted many hours of frustration, along with my entire family on the xbox 360. If they keep sending you faulty 360’s, they are committing fraud and not really honoring their warranty.

Anyone know any great lawers? Drop me an email . Guess I will leave this post up top until I get some feedback. I would would really like to post some jokes and funny pictures but I need help with this matter much more.

(Still dealing with the Microsoft failure machine, the xbox 360. The story continues here, 2 yrs. later, as my 6th xbox 360 breaks down!!!)




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  1. blstern

    Get a Wii


  2. Not really the answer I was looking for. But let me reply to your comment.

    Are you saying that I should just forget that microsoft sent me 4 faulty xbox 360s ?

    Perhaps you are trying to say Microsoft is doing good business practices by replacing non-functioning 360s with non- functional 360s?

    Or maybe you are trying to say that Microsoft is just too big to sue?

    I am not certain how getting a Wii helps me to sue microsoft, please explain further…



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  4. blstern

    I have one, it works great. I’m not suing anybody.


  5. mystarbucks

    I think suing Microsoft will cost more money than it is worth. They have too much money to let you win. It is sad but true. But if you must pursue this, I suggest calling Judge Judy. You might as well take this to television and get your point made. Or try to get some other people that have had the same problem and go for a class-action lawsuit then you might have more leverage.


  6. Peri

    Have you been dealing with the vendor or Microsoft itself? If it’s the vendor, they don’t really have any interest in satisfying you, they just want you to go away while costing them the least amount of cash. If it was me, I’d get hold of a list of the bigwigs at Microsoft and email them, Bill Gates included if I could get email addresses. If you can actually get through to someone who matters, I bet they’ll sort this out.


  7. Kyle

    i too have had this problem, i sent back my 360 because it was starting to freeze up and they sent me one 5 WEEKS later, they said it would only be 3 and now i got my new one
    i was all excited to play Halo 3, i plugged in my new 360 hit power and nothing
    it didnt even turn on!
    i called them and they told me to “give the service center one more chance”
    i say screw them im in fro the class action lawsuit
    im tired of being screwed around
    i had problems with 2 of my original xboxs too
    now im going to be on my 3rd 360


  8. Peri, I habe been dealing directly with Microsoft. They have promised that the next one will have all new parts and will work.

    I already have one other person who wants to sue Microsoft. I am just looking for a lawyer who wants to make money. You would think that would be easy to find!


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  10. FuzzayD

    Im with you brother! If we cant afford a lawyer we’ll start an army! Of napalm and anarchy.
    If i wanted to get dicked in the arse i would go to a gay bar, i never though my shit would be vaccume packed into the back of my neck by a console.
    Fuck microsoft Lets all sue together, some lawyer will take it for free because of the publicity


  11. Guys.
    If Microsoft was sueable it would have been done a long time ago.
    Shit we never did get 98 running properly and now we dont even support it.
    Thanks for your money and hope you enjoy our new exchange warranty program where we circulate faulty units untill you finally give up.
    You arfe very persistant axe, our statistics show 98% give up after 3 swaps lol.


  12. @ fuzz I wish it were true that some lawyer would take the case for the publicity but I have yet to have even one respond. Guess, all lawyers are chickenshits!!!

    Very funny Bgates!


  13. Taylor

    i am furious with microsoft and the way those indians treat my calls av got joe billtrami from glasgow on the case Bring it on bill gates you rat


  14. Badazj1975@yahoo.com

    I feel ya on the piece o’ shit box. I get an overheating fault ONLY when it’s been off for hours and I try to turn it on. I can’t even download stuff from the store anymore. Every time I try it says “Can’t download xxx,” what a bunch of junk. I bought an HDTV so i could enjoy the graphics and a new vista notebook to stream videos. But even when it did work, it didn’t work all the time and when it did work, it took FOREVER for the box to recognize files on the pc. This shit NEVER worked as advertised. I WANT TO SUE MICROSOFT TOO!!!


  15. HUB

    I am also looking for a lawyer, I have recieved 3 pieces of junk from microsoft in less than a year. They refuse to give me a new one or my money back even though their waranty says they will refund upto amount paid at the option of microsoft but they say there is no refund policy for the xbox.
    worst 400.00 dollars I ever spent plus 100’s in games


  16. randy

    Mircosoft said my seal was broken on back and sent me xbox back. I do not have a clue with electronics.
    Fuck bill I spent 535 when game came out waited 6 months for a box to send it back they had it one day and told me warranty nun and void do to broken seal. on back? there was never one there. These 3 red lights I guess are common so take all your games that you bought for christmas for your kids back. Protest that scum that preys on the working man to send jobs over seas to ripe us off.


  17. Robert Dunlap

    I’m all for sueing Microsoft and it’s vendors….I recently reapplied what I thought was a fully licensed version of VISTA and at the time I was to put in their product key, I was informed that the version I bought from MS didn’t originally have a product key, and that I’d either buy a new license or wipe my drive out completely and reinstall the original (To be emailed me) copy? So pissed off.


  18. jonathan briggs

    I am more than up for suing microsoft i am so pissd off right now its unreal i have had 9 360 of which i just recently bought the 3rd elite which has just chewed up my disc within 3 days of purchase brand new i think microsoft is absolute bullshit and need to be tought a painfull lesson i had hoped eventually they would fix these bloody problems as they are extremely similar to the xbox original but noooooooooo MICROSOFT GET OFF YOUR FKIN ASS AND FIX THIS SHIT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! I apologise for my language but as you can probably tell i am extremely angry and even this post cant describe how very very mad i am with this company, anyway chiao


  19. Too bad every lawyer on the planet is afraid off sueing Microsoft on this matter.Not one single lawyer has approached me on this issue.


  20. stitch

    perhaps it would be best to file a suit in small claims court. You won’t need a lawyer then, but you will need to do a little bit of research to figure out what you’re “charging” them with. Small claims court is designed for the average american to come to court, without having to spend very much money or hirer a lawyer. While you probably won’t get “national fame” in a small claims court, you may actually get your problem addressed!


  21. I am too poor to even do that.Got a extra $400.00 to get that started?


  22. doud

    if everyone that is dissatisfied with xbox and with all the people dissatisfied with vista (which is half of the people that bought it including me) sued at same time throught country sued it would certainly change something. Maybe the way they treat disgruntled costomers or maybe just maybe put a product out there that has a little bet of quality. Or maybe we could suck em dry with them having to pay the lawyers and they dissolve which is unlikely but would be great for the consumer.


  23. I’m currently in the process of having my lawyer file a 2 page letter of complaint and than file a lawsuit if they do not complie. this is my lawyer


  24. LOL! This is MIcrosoft, remember? They will just ignore the letter because they are certain nobody will take them to court.

    Good luck though!:)



  25. Andrew

    I also Have been Having problems with my 360 console. My Brother has gone through 2 xboxes and I am getting my second from xbox. I have to wait 3WEEKS! (what will I do with myself). Anyways, My problems consisted of FIRST, disc is unreadable… SECOND, Place this game in an xbox 360 console… FINNALY, Red ring of death. I sent my console in and they are sending me a new one…I think MICROSOFT knew about this problem upon release of the system…because of the fact that they had to get their console out before the competition. They really do not care about their customers if they aren’t willing to fix the issue rather than dance around it.



  26. don stebbins

    i want to sue to its a long ass story i would tell you the whole story but i am afraid i dont have enough space to tell you but to sum it up the xbox company is fucking retarded email me at donnyboi2010@yahoo.com we would need a class action lawsuit to get theese big bastards !!


  27. Op

    I feel i need to bring this to as many people’s attention as possible. MS will sell XP and all office products to the military to run our Dell computers, right? But will they fix our 360’s? NO! I’m a soldier in the US Army whose 2nd xbox(a replacement unit) RROD’d and whose 3rd box (an elite) got an E74 error. MICROSOFT WILL NOT SHIP TO A MILITARY ADDRESS!!!!!! messed up huh? MS operates out of the US and they wont send a replacement to their own soldiers(even ones out here in Japan). I guess you can say they don’t support the troops. Because they won’t help me this qualifies as a breech of warranty. I’m gonna see if one of the military lawyers from the JAG out here can offer some advice. if not, we should organize a class action suit.


  28. Anonymous

    if you find one I will jump on it too… Microsoft is the only company who is allowed to give people bullshit excuses for products. FUCK MICROSOFT!


  29. Kevin

    I am on board, I just got done boxing up my 4th 360. Each time I have had to send it off and wait at least 2-3 weeks for a new one. Each time the new one has gotten the 3ROD.
    I am currently seeking a lawyer as well. Let me know what you find. I am not some young kid who is blowing smoke, I am a retired U.S. Marine and business owner. This is not about a my kids not being able to play a video game, it is about principal and the total lack of responsibility and lack of urgency Microsoft has consistently displays.


  30. I have many people who want to sue Microsoft,those who have posted here and those who have emailed me. However, i have yet to find a single lawyer with enough guts to take on Microsoft.


  31. MJ

    I don’t want any money from them but now my Ebay listings are not being shown up on Ebay.

    Crome works, firefox works, and every other one works.

    BTW, I mention 8% live cashback from microsoft. MS is a sh1t-head monopoly.

    You have my permission to sue.


  32. FckMcrsft

    Listen, anytime you can get this rolling I am willing to put my complaint right by yours and twenty million other peoples. I have had the exact same problem with these real fks!!! I have two sons actually who bought this piece of s after buying the first xbox…which also broke down a few times and is now totally worthless. The first time I advised my kids to buy xbox because I made the dumb mistake of thinking that microsoft would put some good titles together…instead they mostly put Garbage together even then…so later they go out and buy Xbox 360 and this piece of sht cannot get out of the repair shop…twice we mail it in, it takes months to get back, and voila comes back and something else is wrong with it. Finally, it comes back and cannot go online now! When I called those _holes at microsoft support all they can tell me is that its probably the drive and its bad…it turns out the fk thing even ruined my router and i had to buy another one…my best bet is that its the net card and they jimmied it when it was there, or else the three rings of death somehow damaged it…worst of all there are a number of games which we purchased, including oblivion which are now hampered because all the downloaded stuff that goes into the game is no longer available…in reality mcrosoft should have given me the expansions to the game, instead, due to their greed they make people have to download the expansions every time you try to play the f game!!!! NOW THEY WANT ME TO GIVE THEM ANOTHER HUNDRED DOLLARS PLUS SHIPPING PLUS HANDLING PLUS THE TIME LOST SO THAT I CAN PLAY MY OWN F GAME!!!!!! I am pissed as all hell at this company…this company needs to be sued and reconfigured!!! If you can look into the oblivion(morrowind) game and the requirements of microsoft to make you download content each and every time you play the game, there may be a wicked lawsuit there because then the burden of keeping the line open and working falls on them since they tampered with your property and or promised you an expansion to the existing game. Since you have a site going devote some time with this let me know what you come up with……I see a class action against them, and they deserve it something awful.


  33. michael bicknell

    so sue microsoft…..not a xbox prob….but close enough….
    so last nite windows media player wants to update….i let it, gets about halfway done…says update failed please restart computer…do that, and voila a restart loop with a blue screen at end…continuous….cant do a restore cuz cant log into windows…tried doin repair thru xp cd….no luck, try reinstallying xp….no luck…try maunally copying files from cd to c: get blued…..so i format…..go to reinstall xp after format, says xp cd is not a valid windows cd, get a valid windows cd and try again….so fuck that shit, i bust out my linux, boot it from cd, getting ready to install it….and oh no….wont install. try on another comp…works fine, go back to mine….NOTHING……have formatted, repartitioned, everything, and still nothing….NOW heres the catcher….this same thing happened on my 2 dell c640’s from a windows update….” are they trying to make me convert to vista?” the time and data i lost…..theres not enough money i can sue for….but if u find a lawyer….let me fuckin know….i also know about 6 other people who have had similiar probs…..


  34. james simmons

    same problem here but they won’t even fix my childrens xbox360, I live in a small town and they don’t have to fix it, because I have a pobox ain’t that some crap. Because they spy on the people for the government they are really fu–ing the people I will take it up the A– , I will never spend a dime on mirosoft I’m throwing away this piece of shi- computer , and all thier spywear, were is the Aclu? In uncle sams pocket no doubt!!!


  35. armageddon

    im all for suing microsoft. im on my : 2nd xbox 360 (elite)
    2nd play and charge kit
    FIFTH MIC and ive been on xbl for about a year… srsly 2 wired mics that both only laster half a year, then i bought a wireless mic wich was broken right out of the box, bought another wireless mic wich worked for 2 weeks then broke so i sent it to microsoft for a replacement. then today i got the replacement and it came broken! and tomorrow i have to send it back to them again, WTF MICROSOFT. we totally have a case. remember that wiimote strap thing a while back? this is much worse and we do have a case. class action lawsuit time


  36. Vavictus 9000

    Stop buying M$ products! That means stop buying PC’s with M$, Office Software by M$ and game consoles with M$. The only alternatives are to buy Mac’s or use PC-Linux. Use Open Office instead of M$ office and use any other gaming console. Only when you stop buying their products will they be inclined to make a “better” product.


  37. Would love to sue

    Tell me when this train leaves the station cause i wanna be on it. I bought a custom made computer with Windows Vista Home Business, worst mistake I’ve made. My XP machine gave me less hassle. TO date, WMP11 still doesn’t rip my CDs, and Service PAck 1 won’t install, ever since putting IE8 on my computer, it corrupted the winsock file and no one can tell me how to fix it, so i have to do a full restart every once in a while to continue browsing the Web. They need to be held responsible for the poor quality of merchandise they market! Screw the EULAs that absolve them of responsibility! If it doesn’t work it’s THEIR FAULT and they should pay for our lost time and effort in fixing THEIR MISTAKES.


  38. hexsneaker

    hi yes SUE them if theres a way we all could come together i will face a damn court just to sue them iam on my 3rd xbox360 and i just finally realize this is all bullshit please give me an email when all this shit comes together i want to see them fall, yeah fall hard!


  39. Felix

    I am rather irritated with the Xbox 360 myself. These consoles are infamous for their unreliability, and Microsoft refuses to fix the problems they are responsible.

    I bought my first Xbox 360 in March of 2006 with an extended Best Buy warranty (I decided to play it safe, given my bad experiences with the early PS2’s). That unit started scratching discs and it was replaced under Best Buy’s extended warranty.

    My second (and current) Xbox 360 lasted past the remainder of the extended warranty, only to give me the “red ring of death” later on. The Best Buy warranty was expired, but I learned that Microsoft extended the factory warranty for three years for the “red ring of death” issue. I called them about it and I sent it to them. They repaired the unit free of charge, and I am assuming that my Xbox 360 was refurbished, given that it came back with that newer NXE operating system and a service date in place of the manufacture date on the back of the console. I know it is the same console, as the serial number is the same.

    Now five months after I got this Xbox 360 back from Microsoft, this one is scratching discs like my first one was. I have never moved the console around at all during operation, so I cannot be at fault. I also do not have any pets or kids, so nothing could have knocked it around.

    I called Microsoft about this issue, and they want me to pay to have it fixed, as it past the original warranty. I refused and stated that Microsoft is infamous for making Xbox 360’s that scratch discs. I wasn’t blaming the guy on the phone, as he is just someone that works there and does not make policy decisions, but I ended up ending the call and not sending the Xbox 360 in for repairs.

    They did offer some program where I could exchange the scratched discs, but what would be the point of that? The machine would just proceed to scratch up the new discs (I have also heard you have to pay to get replacement discs). Admittedly, the scratching is not severe yet (I am not getting those huge circular scratches all around the disc and my games still fun flawlessly), but they are getting worse. My Elder Scrolls IV disc even has some knicks in the side of it from this shoddy console.

    Why should I send it in for repairs? It already came back from their repair center, only to start scratching discs later on. Given Microsoft’s infamous reputation for shoddy consoles, why should I buy a new Xbox 360? It will probably just end up defective like the ones I have been through. Why should I pay for a problem that Microsoft is responsible for?

    I am just irate, as I have invested a good deal of money into the Xbox 360, my HD output cables, and the games. I am all for suing Microsoft, but sadly, I just don’t see it happening. I have heard of class action lawsuits being fled against Microsoft in the past for scratched discs and not getting XBox Live service, but I have not heard of them getting anywhere.

    I honestly do not know what to do. I do not want to give Microsoft more money to get another Xbox 360 (which would probably just break anyway) or give them money to repair my console (and it could just break again after coming back).

    In hindsight, I wish I would have waited and purchased a Playstation 3 instead of an Xbox 360. But then again, hindsight is always 20/20. Thanks to Microsoft’s immense wealth, I doubt they will ever be sued anytime soon. Thanks to them, I will probably be forced to take a huge loss by purchasing an Playstation 3 and replacing a lot of my 360 games with Playstation 3 versions. I will also lose my game saves.

    Getting a PS3 will allow me to get back to gaming in this generation, but I won’t ever get me my money back, my hard earned cash that Microsoft conned me out of.


  40. Gamertag_Xboxpolicysux

    I am assuming this site is US based, but I am having the same fuckin problems. I JUST threw out my 3rd 360. Purchased the first one, graphics card failed, then returned it under warranty. Luckily it went 1 week before warranty expired. Got “new” refurbed piece of shit, complete with 90 day warranty, which failed @ 110 days (DVD drive). Purchased new a new arcade, added my HDD (120GB) and used that, and wouldn’t you know, at 108 days, the DVD drive comes down with “open tray” error.

    This company HAS to be brought down a peg or two. I hope, with all my heart, that you are successful in your ambitions to sue them. As I am in Canada, trying to sue under these premises is near impossible, but maybe if you can change it down there, EVERYONE can reep the rewards.

    I have made the decision to purchase one more arcade. THIS WILL BE THE LAST. The ONLY reason I am even doing this is to be able to play the games I currently have and to maintain my ranks on the leaderboards (currently ranked 51st on BF:1943) . No further game purchases will be made by me, nor new accessories.

    Like I said, I hope you are successful, and I REALLY wish I could help with some names of lawyers, but I am not in the US.

    PS FUCK MICROSOFT and anyone involved with them


  41. My 6th xbox 360 broke and I decided to sell all my games.I have had enough of Microsoft bs. When the new/fixed one shows up I will be trading it in for credit on a ps3 game. I am considering small claims but not even sure if that would gain me much at this point. I do not think I could get paid enough to even warrent my time on this now.

    One thing is for certain, Microsoft will not last for a very long time pulling shit like this.


  42. ben

    i recently sent in my xbox 360 for warranty repair on the ol red rings of death.. took 3 weeks to get the refurbished 360 back and when i tried to sign on to xbox live out of the box.. i get ‘this console has been banned under terms of use’ , so I called xbox support to get this resolved.. and in the last week have been told 4 times to wait until someone calls me back..that the higher ups will make a decision as to what to do for my situation…. what the fuck .. this cannot be legal.. im in .. lets sue ‘the man’. fuck microsoft.


  43. ben

    sorry about the last one.. i called them again just to see what they’d say and got the same answer.. goin to wally world after this to pick up a ps3.. pleasant gaming.


  44. I have had it up to my eyeballs with Microsoft, they have hackers that invaded my sons Xbox 360 for yet the 4th time and ,they charge so much money for these systems to turn around and BAN you from Microsoft forever……wtf is that all about.??
    What gives them the right to permanantly ban anyone from XBOX LIve…..charge $714. dollars for the Elite and someone messed with my sons arcade Xbox so he takes the hard drive out and stuck it in his Elite……………. Then Microsoft Banned him for not knowing what he did to begin with, Turns out someone hacked his Xbox, which seems so easy for these hackers to do , and you call Microsoft , they act like they don’t know whats going on ……..c’mon… your a major corp !!!!!!! Like you don’t know hackers hack into your site and destroy units and it hurts the innocent ones, Costing parents way to much money…..If you find a lawyer? keep me in mind, And if i find one i shall do the same.
    This has got to stop , we are on a 4th Xbox and i made him change his gamer tags yet again…….
    But this is the last time….. If it happens again Microsoft you done for……….i am one pissed off mom…


  45. The other day I reported that I was getting emails in from disgruntled Xbox Live users who had been banned by Microsoft for allegedly connecting to the online service using modded consoles even though the consoles were totally unmodified. Today I’m hearing that some of those affected are finally getting somewhere with tech support.

    Initially, Microsoft’s response had been that the process used to identify modded consoles (a process that would allow the console to play backed up game) was 100% accurate and that there was nothing that Microsoft or users could do other than buy a new console. At the time Microsoft wouldn’t even take the consoles in to be checked or repair. Now is seems that things have changed. I’m still waiting for official word from Microsoft but according to several affected gamers that I have spoken to, Microsoft is now backing down from the initial stance and some consoles are being unbanned and others taken in for repair.

    As to what the magic words that you have to say to tech support are in order to be listened to, I’m not sure, but I imagine that polite persistence is the way to go.


  46. As I have mentioned before in these very commnets, no lawyer out there has the balls to take on Microsoft. It is that simple. People don’t learn, they keep buy these crap machines and then come a whining.

    It is common knowledge by now(This post alone is more than 2 yrs. old) that xbox 360’s fail. They are the worse gaming console EVER in history when it comes to realibility.

    As I have also suggested here in these comments, the only real course of action an individual might have in this situation would be small claims court.

    My console is no longer with me and not my concern anymore and I am happy as can be. Perhaps if others followed suit then this would not even be an issue anymore.


  47. anthony thompson

    hey ill sue with you
    i have been through 3 xboxs already and i have banned twice for “freedom of speech”


  48. Well here is one way to give it back to Microsoft……..bring it to any game store that buys them back or offer it as a trade in towards another Xbox 360…..
    So if your banned by bungiee so you cant play on line any more….
    what give them the right to pick and choose who they are going to ban for life.
    I spent 714 dollars for a 360 like last Christmas…….when we got home from vaca my son took the hard drive from one 360 and put it his one down stairs ,
    Microsofty , banned him for life , on a brand new 360 that was less then a month old…..

    when i explianed to them, they said they well we reserve the right to ban and we dont have to furnish you with a reason…………who are they god?????

    well i will sue them, not only are they liars, they cheat also…….and i’m so pissed
    I am out 417 bucks…….


  49. guest86

    Now time to sue Microsoft for drop support on Windows XP Service Pack 2! I am very anger!!!! We must sue Microsoft to keep Windows XP longest and stop people complaint. Please do now!!!!

    **** Microsoft off!

    Vista and 7 are sucks!


  50. Here is a idea..Get a frickin’ education! Service pack 2 was updated fucking years ago. Omg! Most everyone on the planet has moved to Service pack 3 or later.Lmao!

    How the fuck would you know if Vista or Win 7 suck, Mr. “I am stuck in the days of dinosours”.

    There is no problems I can find with my win 7 machine and have been using it for 6 months now. Before you judge something you absolutely have no REAL knowledge of, learn a little. Then maybe someone might take something you say seriously.

    I will not even go into the fact that this is not even the subject of this post….



  51. Edwwrd

    i to
    would love to see m/s in apile of its own shite,i am an independant electronics repairer,i have repaired so many xbox 360`s all with the same fault,bga failure,m/s design fault admitted by m/s.this is not my issue,my issue is with automatic up dates,(kb977165) this update has ruined 4 yes 4 hdd of mine!!!my automatic up dates on my pc was allways set to download but let me decide when to install.regaqrdless the up dates installed automaticaly,nothing i could do to stop it.from then on i hav had nothing but trouble trying to get back lost programes/data/games/music,letalone get my pc to work.It`s cost me 4 hdd,2dvd roms,2power supplies,talk about how to make money,at least dick turpin wore a fucking mask


  52. Desmond Williams

    I need to sue micorsoft because windows vista and xp is crap! I tried micorsoft train simulator on both vista and xp the game did not work the computer said please install windows 98 or windows me. And I have trainz simulator 2006 and 2009 then trainz 2009 says on vista please install windows xp service 2. So we are going to sue micorsoft for 80 billion dollors! And the only way to roboast the economey is to bring back out windows 95,98,2000 ,me,mac,nt and windows xp service 2.


  53. copperlouis

    I am VERY interested in this if you are serious drop me an email and lets start collecting online gamers. I already know people that would be interested have not spoken with them about this in a while but my friends list is filled with people with 360 problems. Anyone who reads this and does not have problems with their 360 should at least realize if it can happen to some people it can happen to you and there is a whole community of angry 360 owners out there looking for a way to fight back.


  54. I do not have a xbox 360 anymore.I said this many times in my comments. Not my problem anymore..maybe I should just disable comments at this point ?


  55. Fred5107

    If I was a lawyer I would help you, but sadly I am not. The gaming industry used to be civilized, until Microsoft made XBOX. Now there are victims of something that shouldn’t have even happened in the first place. Buy a PS3 and/or Wii, they won’t let you down. To solve this issue, you can either wait for someone to respond like you are now, or try looking up different websites via Google, bing, or any other sites where you can search for anything from. You might even be able to make your own website to support the destruction of Microsoft.

    I hope this information was helpful. Take care.


  56. This post is so old and still gets attention yet, nobody ever stepped forward to get it done. Can’t say as I blame them suing Microsoft would be much like pissing in the wind.


  57. SixSwornSermon

    Lol @ sue Mircrosoft.

    I bought the first run of Xbox 360 for my son when they came out. Lasted approximately one week before it red ringed. Being an IT type of guy, I cracked it open very carefully , and took note of the insufficient heat dissipation setup. Sent it to Microsoft, received a refurb unit. Cracked that one again, and see that they replaced the heat sink setup. Thing ran like a champ for another few years until it started failing to read discs. Back to Microsoft, and sent back with no physical changes, just a new DVD unit.

    In 2010, I bought another 360 due to wanting one, but this time bought used. Traded the new one to my kid for the original, because he got a HD tv for Christmas, and my 360 had an HDMI output. Kewl. We switched, and everything was ok. Until………the random crashing. Fuck. Took the original apart again, and OMG so much dust clogging that thing up. Cleaned it, working. Sweet. Ambient temperature gets about 80 F, and then it starts crashing again! Now I’m losing my mind. That’s it, Im going to mod the fuck out of the case to increase airflow, ya know, something Microsoft should have done TO BEGIN WITH. Added holes above the heat sink to allow cold air in directly from above the unit. Added a fan I had from an old graphics card to the front of the heat sink on the GPU. Now were talking. No more random crashing. Until next time.

    Moral of my pointless rant:

    1. Microsoft sucks my ass.
    2. Xbox 360 is a total piece of shit – underbuilt, and defective from the get go.
    3. If it’s out of warranty, take it apart and clean the goddamn thing.
    4. If this one rings again, I’m gonna cannabalize it for parts, and then stomp the shit out of it like in Office Space.
    5. Microsoft suck my ass (did I mention that?)


  58. None of mine lasted long enough to make it out of the warranty period. In fact, 2 of them did not make it past one week. One showed up completely non-functional. After 7 bad ones I sold #8 to my son before it even arrived home. Moral of my story…if someone would have helped me sue Microsoft, they might still have a potential customer in me. However, knowing their stuff is crap, that they will not honor their warranty by replacing the product with something that works, AND knowing that nobody has the guts to sue them, leaves no chance of me ever buying from them again. Who is going to buy a product they know is crap,will, not be replaced and they have no chance at legal discourse if the warranty is not honored. NOBODY! Well, unless they are stupid.


  59. vaessa



  60. I cannot help you with that. Never found a lawyer willing to sue Microcrap. I can only wish you good luck.


  61. Øyvind Torshaug

    I just finished law school i would help you to prosecute microsoft for fraud.

    Send me an E-mail if you want my help


  62. Considering I do not even have an xbox 360 anymore, I do not really see that happening. I am certain though that are many others who are still having issues with them and would love your help.


  63. My dad is a lawer and I repaired a xbox 360 cos a E74 error code and it won’t turn on and when I sent it off for a repair(from microsoft not other retailers) they gave the xbox 360 back in the exact same status. My dad said”One more fault from microsoft and I will sue them myself!”. Anyway I would have done that the minute I called from London to North America complaining about Gamestation giving me a XBOX 360 SLIM £255.99 120GB and HALO:REACH but it won’t even turn on! Same from game store, what shit did they give me for goddamned sake! I bought a windows 7 laptop and it is slower than windows milenium.


  64. Casey

    The Console that I have has now scratched Two disks in 2 weeks mind you that there has been no disturbances to the box ever besides when they repaired the notorious RED RING. I called their ironically name Customer Support line so that I could maybe get it repaired and seek my money or compensation for the damaged disks that their machine destroyed. The manager tells me the same thing that the Tier 1 tells me and that is basically they wont gice me replacement games and they will not repair my box unless I pay them $100.00. So minus the frustration of all this they have now cost me $400.00 for the box (what I paid for it when new) $50.00 for the controller that i bought 6 months ago, about $1500.00 for the Games that I have purchase that are no longer usable because if I do use them they wuill end up scratched, the $8.00 a month fee for about 5 years worth of XBOX live, and recently 140.00 more for the damage to MW3 and Battlefield 3 and “all I am allowed to do” is talk to is a customer service rep who reads some policy that someone else wrote and said not give anything to the customer reguardless of fair or fault unless it costs microsoft $0.00. These people are really messing with the wrong community. They will be lucky if some witted enraged teenager doesn’t pull some Column Bind style event (hypothetical, not suggestive or threatening) and decide to hold it at the Microsoft headquarters after all unreasonable resolve spawns unreasonable action. Why not be intelligent about this and remember that if Microsoft would do there part(maintainance) the gamers would definately do their’s($$$), hell they do it anyway. I guess what I am trying to say is yeah, if you get a suit going I’ll join you and I will ironically use XBOX Live to get all my friends to join the suit if we need more. I think I know about 100 people that have or have had unresolved problems with these people. And for all you people who get on here and say leave microsoft and Xbox alone when you become old enough to get a job and have to spend your own money while making house payments and feeding children and car payments and utilities (which by the way is not just an icon on your iPHONE), and or purchase certain ratings for games without mommy and daddy there with you, then and only then will your opinion be valued and or talorated


  65. Casey

    That is not all the money that was spentg by the way thats only the start.


  66. Casey

    And i ment half witted enraged teenager


  67. As I have previously stated in my replies, I tried to get a lawsuit going. No one was willing to do it. Seems lawyers think it would not be profitable enough.


  68. That Dude

    Take it to small claims court and you’ll win.


  69. Get Em

    Im planning on suing microsoft because of their fraudulent activity against my credit card. Im not going to go into further details due to its an ongoing occurance. What i will say is if a credit card on file has expired and the owner hasn’t updated that info it doesn’t give Microsoft or any company permission to still charge that card.


  70. Yep, small claims is likely the only way to get anything out of Microcrap.


  71. JCHolyManPayne333

    I plan on suing Microsoft for being the Devil and hiding on of the largest satanic cults on the planet. Does anyone know a good legal team willing to take on the Devil and expose the computer industry’s involvement in crimes against humanity? Google is God and Microsoft the Devil.


  72. I am pretty sure both Google and Microcrap come from the same place.:)


  73. I think when I turn 18 I’m also gonna do the same because WIndows 7 is a piece of S(dover buzz)T! It never works, and every time I open a file from my USB the f(LONG dover buzz)king windows 7 crashes! I can’t wait til I’m old enough to do something about this and take it under control! If I were the CEO of Microsoft I would make sure all of my workers program the correct way! My question for Microsoft: When will you get your a-55 together?


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