Christmas Time…

I usually do not take the time to blog about serious issues anymore. Mostly jokes and pictures are posted here and for a good reason. Anything of real substance is mostly ignored.

 However, occasionally I get a wild hair up my ass and decide to waste my time posting something serious and it looks like this is one of those times.

If you came to this post looking for a laugh, you should leave now. If you came here looking for some cool picture to look at… again, go ahead and leave.

Now that the casual people are gone I can now approach this subject knowing I won’t be wasting anyone else’s time but my own.

Christmas time should be a time of joy and giving. A time for sharing and love. A fun time of the year. I wish that were true of this year.

For more than 18 yrs., me and my wife, have managed to provide gifts for the kids at Christmas. Sadly, that is not the case this year. This is due to a number of things that have happened this year. My wife’s employer has barely made any profits and has made layoffs due to the housing market slump. Her raise was eaten by the rising price of everything due to gas prices soaring. The price for cigarettes in our state more than doubled. We have been broke every single week this year and there will be no Christmas bonus from work.

As a result we will not even be putting up the Christmas tree. Maybe by not putting it up it will remind the kids less of this Christmas being missed.

I realize there are others who are worse off but I just hate to see the kids suffer through no fault of their own. Things will get better soon, I hope…. or I guess I can just stop eating my one meal a day.

I wonder if there are any other in the same boat? If so, feel free to speak up with a comment.



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2 responses to “Christmas Time…

  1. Same Boat

    I know everyone says that they’re in a bind, especially during Christmas time. This time of year is harder than the rest of the year for us…it’s the present thing that kills our budget. We already stuggle to eat daily…The last two weeks, my husband and I have been waiting for extra money (money that doesn’t go to mortgage) in his check to buy food. I’ve stopped eating breakfast for fear that we’ll run out of food and my children won’t get to eat. We don’t look like we’re a poverished family from the outside, but when you see our frig. or my 50 lb. 9 year old (skinny as a pole), then it’s more obvious. Our 9 year olds’ school is helping us with presents and Christmas dinner this year, other wise we might consider not putting up the tree to.


  2. I wish i were being excessive in my discription our Christmas situation and I wish you were also.:)


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