Did you get your rebate today?

 Me and my wfe were supposed to get it today  but we still have not. Beginning to wonder if the rebates were only for the rich. Seems that Bush prefers to help them more. Am I alone in this?  Was there anyone else out there who were supposed to get their stimulas rebate to day and did not get it?

Perhaps you did get the rebate today? Either way, please post a comment letting me know!!! PLEASE!!!

Thx, Axe





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6 responses to “Did you get your rebate today?

  1. j

    nope, suppose to today, nothing yet


  2. Thx for answering! 🙂 Hopefully something happens soon!!


  3. It was sent that day and will arrive within 14 days.


  4. mr. axe,

    for more info, try here: http://www.irs.gov/irs/article/0,,id=177937,00.html

    economic stimulus, my ass! LOL…it’s a pat on the head becuase we are forced to pay $3.57/gallon for gas.



  5. I could not agree more. We have already spent $800.00 of it and did not really get too many things extra!


  6. cg

    6/09 still no check or even a letter


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