Directv is a ripoff!!!

Before I begin this rant and enlighten you about Directv’s business practices,let me lay a little background down 1st.

Several years ago I signed up with directv. I fullfilled my 2 yr. contract with them and even stayed for a bit longer. Then looking to reduce my bills some, I switched to dish network.

Earlier this year, I got a HD TV and figured Directv would have the most programming for HD. So I canceled my Dish Network account (my contract was finished with them also) and I went back to Directv.

This is what took place after I came back to Directv.

They sent me a HD reciever and I had to hook it up myself. Once hooked up I discovered that it would not display any of the HD channels,so a technician came out and set it up. He lied to me and told me the HD channels were pixelated because of the weather. That was not the case, as the next clear day they were still pixelated.

So after calling them and complaining, they sent out another HD reciever. This one worked fine for alittle while. Then one day it completely forgets all of it’s programming. I has to be set-up again and even after set-up, it still won’t display any local channels. I have to call them and get a code sent to my box to get the local channels again.

That is 5 calls so far. But that is only just the beginning as every week for a month this HD reciever loses it’s memory and has to be reprogrammed and a call made. Then I call them and ask them to replace it (10th call thus far). They send another one and within a week I discover this one also has the exact same flaw!!!

I am furious, as this is not only the same problem in both HD recievers, but they were both brand new!! This leads me to a simple discovery. The new HD recievers from Directv are flawed and that there was absolutely no reason to stick with Directv and their flawed HD receivers. I called again (11calls now) and complained about their new HD reciever having the same problem as the last one and told them I wished to cancel my service with them. They informed me I would have to pay a cancellation fee for ending my contract. I told them they were already in breach of that contract by failing to provide the service I was paying for and that I would not pay any cancellation fee.

Today I find Directv has taken $466.00 out of my bank account without my permission!!!!! That is how Direct treats a customer who has givin their company over 3 yrs. worth of payments.

Fuck You Directv! I will see you in court…





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5 responses to “Directv is a ripoff!!!

  1. Lisa

    I was just checking back to see what has happened since you first wrote this. We have Direct TV too. Wel left Comcast Cable becuause of the absolutely lousy customer service. We currently don’t have any high def TVs, so we don’t have any high def boxes. However, we did have an experience with Direct TV where one of our boxes went bad and they sent us another box and it was bad too. So I contacted them again and they send a second box… and it was bad. So I contacted them a third time and the third box worked. But I do have to say that their employees on the phone have not been rude like the Comcast people were to me. I’m hoping that you get everything worked out!


  2. Monica

    I’m curious to see how this turned out as well. As a DISH Network employee I know that DirecTV’s receiver has been called “a headache” and its DVR has been criticized for “operational bugs.” (Source: CNET) Also, DISH has more HD channels than any other provider and beats DirecTV in customer service. Maybe you should look into getting DISH again.


  3. Been with Dish since the incident. Never got my money back from Directv and they will never get my business. Not going to say any non-sense about how Dish is perfect but at least their set-top boxes work for awhile.


  4. Belinda Martin

    contact you state attorney’s office…directv has been sued in all 50 states for poor business practices


  5. Guess this commentor did not notice that this post is 3 yrs. old.


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