Gone for awhile and what??

So it is pretty obvious that I have been gone for quite awhile now and i come baqck to find some of the most idiotic comments i have ever found here. Do these people know the poster is gone or was it some kind of bad luck thing? Fuck if I know!!

So usually when I am gone I am playing video games and I thought I would drop a little note about one I recently played. The game is called Civilization Revolution.

The single player was alright until you got tired of playing a cheating ai and had beat the game on every difficulty level, then it became extremely boring. Unfortunately is stayed that way,because a month later 2k had no fixed the multiplayer so you could find games and join them. This was the ps3 version that I played. Supposedly you could find game on the xbox 360 but it was hard to actually finish one.

So, for the 1st time in my entire life,I returned the game for a refund. If you don’t mind mind numbing ai and no online play, go ahead and get it. I personally prefer a little fun in my games.

So now that i am between games is it possible the Smartaxe will be back? Maybe…stay tuned to find out!


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