Disposable Blogs

Seems that is what some people think of their blogs. Perhaps thoughts such as “I was not noticed here, perhaps a change of venue might help” or “the features here are limiting my progress”. No matter and not even really certain if these are the thoughts which occur.

Does not change the fact that people do it, time and time again. They start a blog and in a few months, maybe a year, they quit or move on to another blog.

This strikes me as kind of wierd. Indeed it may have something to do with my viewpoint of what a blog is. To me as blog is a expression of one’s life. A place to laugh or cry about your life; your impressions and discoveries. So this leads me to the question. If a blog is about your life and your interpetation of it, how can you just dispose of it?

Yet, I look at those people who I met when I first joined wordpress and most are either gone or have created new blogs.

I guess I cannot wrap my head around this type of behaviour. I do not feel my life and therefore by substenance, my blog, are disposable in any manner or form. When I type I leave a part of me, my thoughts and experiences here, for others to explore and interpet in their own manner.

I am me and my blog is me. Not ever for sale and never disposable.



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