Thx Ike!

Figured I might as well as say thx now, since it looks as if Ike is determined to go over the top of my old piece of shit mobile home.

To make matters worse is, we have a small car with no luggage racks,so my family will be carrying very little of our life with us.

Guess, living on the street will not be so bad…

Thx Ike for ruining our life.:(




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3 responses to “Thx Ike!

  1. You know

    Hey! Looks like Ike moved east and saved you all. Hopefully the rebuilding means more job security.


  2. sharon

    Dammit! fricken Ike did a great job in destroying pretty much everything; people, homes, businesses, wallstreet and confidence it seems, yes its easy for me to say that right now. us living with our in laws suck but its a temp home in any case. your home was destroyed by natural disaster, ours was man made.
    im sorry about that, i hope something good comes out of this, something always does, if not sooner than later. we always wish it be sooner than later.
    take care
    the black rose


  3. Yep, Ike Moved East and we got lucky.However,even just down the street there were lights down and few miles more were trees. We had alot of branches in our yard and our mailbox was broken.

    We were very lucky compared to alot of those who lived elsewhere.



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