The Dream People

You know what I am talking about, don’t you? Sure you do or at least I think you do. When you have dreams you sometimes see people  in them. Not always…but sometimes you have dreams with people in them. People you know and people you do not.

These people were do they come from? If, in our dreams, we are reliving things we did that day,why would we see people we did not see that day? Why would see someone we did not even know?

Perhaps this is just madness on my part. Maybe no one else has such dreams or strange people in them. Maybe I am just a freak..but I think not. I do believe this is a common occurrence.

If all above is true, then what lies next, is probably the most interesting part. How is it possible? Why does it happen? Who do you share dreams with? Certainly the last question might seem a little odd but that is because you do not know what I am thinking.

I believe that when we see people in our dreams, they are also seeing us in theirs. That somehow we both are dreaming on…let’s say, the same frequency. and that dream state has no sense of time and space,therefore when we share a dream with someone else, distance does not enter into the equation.

That would explain why we see people we have never met or go to places we have never been. That would explain why we would see someone we have to not seen in awhile.

Of course, the sharing dreams theory of mine sounds strange and is perhaps too bizarre for some to grasp. However I put forth, that it is my best theory so far. If anyone has a better one… I am listening.



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