So who really won?

If you think a black man won the electon you are about as far from right as is humanly possible.

It is possible that my being someone, who is not heavyly into politics, nor would I call myself the perfect example of a completely unbiased person.

Certainly, I am not the perfect person to proclaim this  however, I am not really proclaiming something that is’nt blatantly obvious.

It must be done though..even if nobody reads a single word,for to not do so would make my head explode,it would just bother me until I have come forth.

We did not elect a black man,we did not eliminate or reduce in the least any racist ideals. They only briefly forgot them so that we could get rid of George Bush. It was only done to place a democrat in office. ANY democrat would have been fine.

Too many blacks will always be N-words. Nothing has changed..don’t fool yourself. Barack was just a port in a storm.



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One response to “So who really won?

  1. It’s sad you feel like that. I agree with you in the fact that it would not have mattered what color his skin is. Which is why it is so great that Obama is who he is.

    Those who choose to be racist will always be just that. I prefer to not judge based on skin color. It’s absolutely an unimportant part of a person, or at least it should be.

    This election proved that Americans can look past ethnicity, at least most of us can.


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