Buyer Beware! GOW2 multiplayer is broken!!!

After approx. 3 mins. of waiting for Gow2 to find players in multiplayer, I decided to post something about it. So I got out my laptop and and started it up. When everything finally loaded up and the browser finally started to work,I navigated my way here and logged in.

I am still waiting for a game to start in multiplayer!!! This game averages around 15 mins of wait time for a game to be found and started.

This is,obviously, waaay to long to be waiting for a match. Basically, the multiplayer is broken and you are only getting half a game.

Just to save time, there is nothing wrong with my connection. I had no problems playing and hosting GOW1.

So all buyers should beware as online problems are almost never fixed completely,Do not buy this game unless you really want to play the campaign.

Still waiting for a online multiplayer game….



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3 responses to “Buyer Beware! GOW2 multiplayer is broken!!!

  1. michael

    its broke on mine too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Gary

    Mine too.

    I was waiting for an updated, which just recently arrived and still no connection! No other players found and a lot of time spent looking at a wobbly screen doing nothing.


  3. Yes, it seems this is a common problem that alot of players are in self-denial about. I returned my game seeing as I only bought it for the multiplayer mode.


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