Whatcha getting for Christmas?

Every year since this blog was created, I have made a post similiar to this one. Is there any particular reason whay i have done so? Not really..I do not always have some deep motive for everything I do.:)

This year it looked as though that was going to be no Christmas like last year,then a relative was generous and gave us some money. The kids were so excited and happy to know that they could get a video game they had been wanting,Sonic-Unleashed. I saw my youngest son play the game when we brought it home. Extremely fast game!

While the kids had their minds on video games and watches,my wife wanted nothing more than to be warm and so it was a nice heating blanket that she did purchase.

Lastly,I had pawned one of my guitars and my amp a few months ago.We were low on money due to Doctors bills and so they were pawned. I was looking forward to replacing my pawned amp. I managed to do so,however, unlike everyone else I had to order online.There seems to be a lack of good music stores on this side of the world.

Now that I have told you mine,you get to tell me yours. Just reply with what you got this year. I am always happy to see what others did.


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