American Idol, Rigged or Americans just stupid?

Well, if you did not know who won last night, just click here for the results.

Before posting any ignorant rants and looking like a Kris fanboi,you should read this article or this article which show I was right about it being rigged. That is why I allowed some of the absolutely ignorant comments to be posted, just so others can see the lengths people will go to get across their twisted opinions. Updated 5/27/09

Seeing who the winner was and knowing who really performed better on Tuesda,y leads to the conclusion that either American Idol is totally rigged or the American people are actually dumber than anyone thought poosible. In fact, there is a possibility that both things are true.

{Spoiler} Adam Lambert not winning this season is absolutely absurd! Not only was he in a league of his own when it came to vocal skills, he was also very good at crafting the music to showcase his vocal prowlness. Chris, on the other hand,was barely noticible when compared to alot of the other talent that was on this year’s show. Not even sure how he made it to the finale,when there were/are other singers better than him. The fact that he won is clear evidence that something is greatly amiss here in idol land.

With Chris winning the show, there is clearly something very wrong going on here, even on Tuesday Adam performed better than Chris, delivering what had to be the most incredicle blues redition I have EVER seen and clearly singing the final song better than Chris did, made it all too apparent that Chris ws out-matched in every way. Foul play cannot be more evident than this season’s conclusion.

Either Idol is paying off the voting company or has been hiring people to make the phone calls into the Idol phone lines. This is most likely what has been going on for years, as there have been many years with questionable winners and would certainly explain why those who should have won, did not. By giving the the win to who would normally be the runner-up, Idol places itself in the position of having 2 artists to sell, instead of just one. Certainly a more profitable way to go. Definately explains the Clay/Rubben, Carrie/Bo and now the Adam/Chris season finales reasonably.

The only other explaination is that americans are simply the dumbest people on the planet.Either they are guilty of watching a show that is obviously rigged or they are guilty of voting for glaringly inferior singers. Whichever is the case, is still leaves Americans as stupid.

Ahh well, not knowing for sure which is the case, I am left with a bitter after taste in my of mouth and find I can now move on from this horrendous show. One can only take so much stupidity from a show before they find it too hard to take anymore. Goodbye American Idol…




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9 responses to “American Idol, Rigged or Americans just stupid?

  1. Good Question! How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!


  2. Brian

    The reason Kris won is because America still has morals. Adam stands for everything that is wrong in this world.


  3. Brian

    Oh, and its Kris, not Chris you dumbass. You would think after 3 months of watching AI, you would know how to spell his name. Oh wait, I forgot, you were too busy with your man crush on Adam. Are you a homo too?


  4. As if I care how the 2nd best spells his name.Since you seem to care so much how he spells his name,one might have to wonder if YOU are the homo.But thx for your lovely comments, you have let everyone know exactly how Adam did not win. Too many ignorant people were voting and America is indeed stupid if they are as ignorant as you.

    I just love when people’s own arguements help me to prove my point.:)



  5. What exactly are saying is wrong with this world? Singers?

    I believe it is ignorant, predjudice, people who are allowed to step outside their door, are what is wrong with this world. Congrats on being one of them!



  6. Elementalist

    Really? Whine some more. Adam is a good singer. He relies on screaming way too much though. Every single song sounds exactly the same because he has to change the song to include his high-pitched squeal in every song. he also got cockier and more annoying throughout the season. Kris one because America liked him better. Simple as that.

    Both are amazing singers, Kris is just a much more likable person overall. If you think that American Idol is judged solely on the singer’s talent, then you’re the one that is a complete moron.


  7. Hmmm,would not even leave a email address.Are we now hiding behind our computer as we try and get a little guts to act tough. I have absolutely no idea why a singing contest should have the best singer win(sarcasm).It just makes no sense.

    Why is the fallback now, whenever someone posts, that they are whining? You know,until you can define the purpose of a blog,don’t run off to say “whining” when it only makes you look slame. Sheer laziness of mind that we have to run around calling everyone, who at least has a point of view and it strong enough to speak it a “whiner”. Not really very creative,original or requiring any real thought or effort what-so-ever.

    You really should go find something better to do as you seem to suck at this comment thing. I give you a c for effort and a f for lameness. Now go run off your mouth,hiding behind your little computer, somewhere else.

    I really should not be wasting my time with these lame replies..where is that spam button again? LMFAO!



  8. Elementalist

    Alright, here’s my e-mail. Sorry I forgot about it. But hey, let’s point out other things that have no idea with the topic, because that definitely shows your intelligence in an argument (sarcasm).

    You got angry that your favorite singer didn’t win and you made a post saying that an entire nation is stupid because your opinion differs from the majority. This is why you are whining. I am not falling back on that word. It’s just the truth. Why should I think of something original or creative for such a pathetic blog post? I wouldn’t give you that much credit.

    There’s a difference between whining and posting an intelligent blog. Saying that the American people are stupid because they didn’t vote the same way you did on AMERICAN IDOL is just pathetic. It’s a singing competition. Get over it. Now if you posted something about how American Idol gets more votes than presidential elections and then call the America people stupid for that, then I might agree with you. The fact that you’re so outraged about a reality show makes it apparent that you are on the same mindset of a 13-year-old girl with a celebrity crush.

    It’s funny that you only attack me and not the topic at hand. Are you really that scared to actually respond to someone who doesn’t agree with you? I can’t believe your hypocrisy, saying I am hiding behind my computer when all you can do is post on your obscure blog for your ONE fan (and I wouldn’t put it past you that you favorited your own blog) instead of voicing your opinion in the real world. I should find something better to do? What, do you mean like bitching about a reality show to almost no one? That’s a much better use of time.

    For one, music is all about opinions. Adam and Kris have incredibly different styles. Adam would make a great scream-o singer since he has to “originally” change every song to include one of his high-pitched squeals (in my opinion, since you obviously can’t distinguish between opinion and fact). In my opinion, Kris was a better singer overall. Am I stupid because my opinion differs from yours? Are you really that ignorant and childish?

    Now let’s look at it logically instead. Kris and Danny were more similar in singing style than Adam and Danny. Isn’t it logical to say that when Danny was kicked off, all the Danny fans would now vote for Kris more likely than they would vote for Adam? See, if you just take a second to look at the topic logically, then you wouldn’t have to be an ignorant ass and condemn an entire nation for differing opinions.

    So you commented on me not posting my e-mail, me calling you a whiner, and then “grading” my comment. I’m glad to see you didn’t respond to a single point I made. You are truly as childish as your blog would suggest.

    Also, a comment disagreeing with you is not spam, no matter how much you don’t like it. Spamming would be me posting comment after comment of me saying “you suck”. Seriously, learn what a word actually means before throwing it around like an ignorant jackass. Go ahead and delete the comment though. You’ve already proven yourself to be a hypocrite.


  9. I case you had not noticed Mr. I think I know it all, this blog has had over 345k visits from my one fan.LMFAO! I wonder, do people even look before they type dumb shit?

    I did not whine, I stated the show was rigged or Americans are stupid. Clearly both are the case. It has already been proven that the average Amaerican IQ is around 100(not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer) and after all, Americans did elect Bush, not once but twice.:) Furthermore, the article link(posted at the beginning of my article) shows that some rigging did go on. These are not whines, they are facts. Apparently you do not know the difference and seem to think any opinion that you do not like is a whine.You clearly must be American and since you posted on my Warrior Epic post also, I am led to believe the only reason you posted here, is to harrass me some more.

    So coming here, just to reply on multiple posts, because I cut down a game which you cannot even get to work 8 days after launch. is not stupid or childish.
    ? LMAO!

    I suggest you run to the nearest bathroom,stick out your finger,look into the mirror, and point that finger at yourself.

    I really do love all these comments though.They represent Americans pretty well and that is really sad. They make my fellow Americans look so bad.:(



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