My Warrior Epic experience…

I gave it(Warrior Epic-Online MMORPG) a try because the concepts sounded good but this is what I discovered.

Trying to get the game to install was not easy. The installer has some type of upload issue that prevents it from downloading the game properly and if you do not use a “work around” it will take forever to download. I am talking like 250+hrs. !!! It seems to work like a peer to peer type of program.

Once you use the “work around” it has to be restrated so that it takes hold and then the game downloads for awhile.At some point it finally gets done and then needs to update.Again, the “work around” and restart must be employed to get it working properly.

Now the game is supposed download the rest in the background and again, work around and restart must used. The game has to be totally downloaded 100% to work, including all patches and updates. Once this is done you will have to wait for a slow ass tech to register your account so you can login into the game. That took over 4 hrs. on top of the time spent downloading, workarounds, and restarts.

Once you finally are able to get into the game you are greeted by a tutorial which forces you to play a character to learn the basics. Then when you have finished, you have just enough prestige points that you can go pick a character of your choice. Only one character though. You cannot pick another character until you earn enough prestige points to get another character. You have to complete quests to do so. Fine, I go and try to do some quests.

I die over and over again. I cannot complete a quest. Surprise!

So I think, “hmmm, maybe I need a group to do it ?”

So I go into the lobby but it won’t let me join any game!(Even if I could join one almost all of them are on advanced quests already.)
 So I host a game, I have good DSL and it should be no problem since I could host Gears of War with no problems.

4 people join real quick and then I launch the game and 4 people leave before we can even make any moves in the quest. How frickin’ lame is that!! Leaving me in a quest with enough foes for 5 people to fight, only I am alone. Awesome!!!!

This game totally sucks! Concepts good, execution terrible!!!!!

If you want to waste your time downloading for hours and waiting for hours to get nowhere, by all means do a search on google for this game.I feel the game is so bad, that I refuse to place a link for it. It really is that bad! The makers of this game are  True Games and Possibility Space. I say this because you might want to avoid all their games. They even went so far as to censor every complaint I made in their forums about the game.

Companies like this should not be in business!




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7 responses to “My Warrior Epic experience…

  1. EpicFan

    Did you try opening your ports? That could be the issue with your lag.

    I saw your post on the forums. Maybe the subject of “This Game Sucks” was the reason they took it down.

    There is a lag issue post on there now. so check it out.

    I wouldn’t cast judgment so quick after launch, take a bit to get it running like dream.


  2. No wonder I was having so many problems with the game.The people playing it are so stupid and desperate for others to approve of the game that they run,search my name, and come in here to spam and annoy me with questions they should already know the answers to(assuming they can read).Guess, that explains why my entire party left before the quest even started,they were just too dumb to know any better.

    Looks like I will be blocking a few Ips this week,talk about a desperate cry for attention. That is really pathetic. You and your friends should really be ashamed of yourself.


  3. yeah sorry about that. the kids are a lil zealous.


  4. Some of the spams I deleted were not appropiate for even my readers. Trust me, that is pretty damn bad.:)


  5. Believe me I know. oh boy do I know…. ;-(


  6. Dover

    If you’re going to condemn a game because of how it starts up on the first couple of days of release, then you shouldn’t be playing a single multiplayer game ever made. Also, if you are condemning the game because some of the members leave annoying and inappropriate comments then you shouldn’t be using the internet at all.

    Seriously, this seems to be a case of short attention span and a lot of your posts on the warrior epic forums was also inappropriate and an obvious cry for attention. That’s just hypocritical.

    As for me, I haven’t even been able to play the game yet. I’ve been having lag issues during play, so I just decided to set it to the side on my desktop for now and I’ll try it again at a later date. I’m not going to instantly bash something I haven’t been able to accurately try yet.

    I will also laugh if you count this as bashing you and delete it, because that would make you a complete hypocrite for complaining that they deleted your posts.


  7. The fact that people are still running to my blog to post comments about a game with a failed launch really speaks volumes about the mentality of the people playing there.

    I guess they still have not fixed this piece of shit game and you have nothing better to do! LMAO!

    The fact the game is still not fixed 8 days later says nothing to these morons who run to spam my blog with their ignorance.

    ANY game not working at all 8 days after launch is failed, no getting around that.

    I have yet to see, even a single post address a single issue that I presented in my review of this crappy game,only name calling and spam.What a joke!

    This last comment is particularly funny in how he does not read my post, only comes in to say I should not judge a game he cannot get to work 8 days after launch.Now really, just how stupid are these players?



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