Health Care in America…

I am sure if I wanted to, I could post a link or two, to other posts and articles about health care in America.But then I would be left with which links to post and how many to post entering into my mind. You would have to be totally blind and stupid to not know anything about this subject and that there are way too many links to post regarding this matter. (There is a poll at the bottom of the post if you just feel like voting)

With that in mind, no links to outside articles or posts will be included in this post. It is not really required anyway as I can approach this subject from a personal point of view.I am one of those 46 million people often spoke about as the un-insured.

Most of the time when things are spoken of and facts and figures are given, a face or name is never given or viewed and perhaps it is human nature to do such things. However, in doing so we tend to take the humanity away from the subject and it losses it’s true meaningfulness. With this post, it is my goal to bring the personal nature of health care into the light and hopefully the humanity of the situation will be more readily viewable for all.

I, having no health care insurance plan, do dread trips to the doctor. For the pre-knowledge that every expense shall have to be paid for out of pocket with cash on hand, does make a visit to the doctor something to deeply fear. “What if I do not have enough money?” and “What if I spend too much, how will the bills be paid?” are questions that usually enter the mind before you have even entered the doctors office. Having these types of concerns must be pretty common though as being a house-husband and raising kids does not garner any type of health care insurance. I guess raising good kids that will help improve America’s future is not on the high priority list for health insurance though.

So knowing I have no health insurance and having kids to take care of means that doctors visits are at the very bottom of things needed to be done. If going to the doctor means you cannot afford to feed the kids or pay the electric bill, then there will be no doctor visit. That is why it was 8 months I waited to see a doctor about my problems. In October of 2008, I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and a multi-nodular goiter. After seeing a regular doctor and 2 endocrinologists I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease also. Yes, Hyperthyroidism and Grave’s disease are both potentially fatal if not treated in a timely manner. If you have done the math you can clearly see it has been nearly 9 months since diagnosed and 17 months since the problems 1st started.

A couple of the doctors were even nice enough to inform me that I probably should be dead or at least been in the hospital by now.

You might thinking that this problem should have been fixed by now and I certainly could not agree with you more, but this is the result of no health care insurance. Until my medicine completely stops working and I end up going into cardiac arrest or coma and have to be taken the the emergency room, there will be no treatment of my condition. Current law only requires hospitals to treat patients through the emergency room. Basically, I have to hope to be at risk of dying in order to get the treatment I need!

Of course, this chain of events has made me look back on my life and wonder if deciding to stay at home and devote myself to raisng good kids( you know, those kids with respect for their elders and good grades) was such a good decision. After all, if I would have decided to work instead I might have been able to afford health insurance. Something is obviously wrong here when a person, born in America, who worked in America, and who did his best to raise kids that will improve America has to doubt his decision to be un-selfish and stay at home. I feel like I did something wrong and am now being punished for it.

Well, I did say that this post was going to be personal and I hope that I clearly spoke of how it is to be one of the 46 million who is without health care insurance. I realize that no matter what I say, there will always be those with strong opinions and they will want to say something negative about this post. Before you do and waste both your time and mine, keep in mind a few things. If your reply is vulgar, rude, or unconstructive it will be deleted.  With that in mind feel free to speak your mind or vote in the poll below.

Thx for taking the time to read this,




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3 responses to “Health Care in America…

  1. Yakkis

    I think if you camp out in the emergency room long enough, you will get treatment even if it isn’t life threatening.

    If that doesn’t work, you can try calling around to doctors to see which ones might do it on a very extended payment plan ($25 a month?). You might be surprised.

    Also, have you tried free community clinics? I realize this is a specialist issue, but they often have hospital residents who want to pick up a little extra money working there or affiliated with them. While being treated by a resident is not ideal, it beats dying.


  2. By law, they only have to treat you here in a emergency room if it is a emergency and if you have no insurance. There was a hospital here that took people even if they had no insurance but it was damaged by a hurricane and has yet to re-open its doors to the public.

    I am currently going to a clinic to get medicine but that is only to stave off the disease for awhile. The treatment I need requires nuclear medicine(radiated Iodine) or surgery, neither of them are can be gotten from a “clinic”.

    I did try calling around and nobody was willing to do the surgery. The procedure costs over $15,000 for just the surgeon, obviously nobody is going to do a payment plan for amount of money, LOL! I did try though.:)

    Got any other suggestions…



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