Sometimes the little things add up

 Most likely, you have heard the phrase ” it is the little things that matter”. It is a pretty common phrase and one referred to most when life seems to be passing someone by. They are spending too much time worrying about the big things and not enough time enjoying the little things.

While I can certainly agree with the idea that we should spend time enjoying the little things, sometimes the little things add up.

Not all of the little things are good things.They are not a smile, a laugh, a good joke or even a little time spent with good friends. Some times the little things are bad things and when enough of them happen it is hard to ignore them any longer.

When 3 checks bounce on the same day you get paid and the one of the tires, on your only car goes flat, with the check engine light coming on every week,it is hard to ignore.When the mop breaks and so does your washing machine it is hard to forget. When your group and your personal website are both being deleted by their hosts, it is hard to believe you are not being erased. When the big problems stay while more and more little things are being heaped upon you, it becomes harder and harder to get up each day.

 All these things have been happening to me and it is hard not see what the little things are adding up to. I get the message! Out with the old and in with the new. I hear ya loud and clear! But what if you cannot afford the new? What if you are the old? What if the little things add up to too much?

I guess, sometimes when the little things add up, you have to go get a glass of water and let the world go to hell.





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2 responses to “Sometimes the little things add up

  1. Yep, those little things can add up – sometimes disastrously.


  2. Already in the midst of disaster…what comes next? Thx for commenting.:)


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