Ronnie James Dio has stomach cancer…

To this day, some 30 + yrs. later, I still remember with clarity the 1st time I heard Dio….

I was sitting in my mother’s car, in the parking lot of a store. It was summer and kinda hot, so I had the windows rolled down and I was scrolling through the radio channels, hoping to find something worth hearing. I was pretty sure there had to be something better than what my mom had been listening to!

 I landed on a station just as a new song began and stopped to listen. I did not know who it was or the name of the song at the time.It was just new and interesting…until Dio started singing, then into transformed into something amazing. I turned it up louder and louder, until I reached the max volume those old car steroes could get, without distorting out.

I was so involved in my listening that almost did not notice, when a group of cheerleaders left the store and started walking toward the parking lot. As they came within range of the music a magical thing happened, they began to to jump around, dance, and wave. I was a teenager and I had 15 cheerleaders around my car jumping, dancing, smiling and waving at me!!!  For those few minutes, I was a god.

As the chearleaders departed and the song ended, I learned the song was Man on the Silver  Mountain by Rainbow. While that song was on, I felt like the man on the silver mountain. From the moment Dio entered my life, it was changed. The course of my life changed that day and Dio has always been a part of that course.

Rarely, do people come into our lives and change it so profoundly. They are to be cherished and never forgotten. No matter how this ends for him, whether he beats it or it beats him, he will always be cherished and remembered by his fans.




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