Gotta love the internet!

I am sure, those who read this post will either totally agree or totally disagree. There really is not a middle ground to it.

People get online everyday.Hoping someone will notice them, someone will see them and then they can believe for a second, they are not invisible. That they are real and someone actually gives a shit about them. But this is not the reality.

The reality of the internet is everyone wants to be heard, seen, noticed… and nobody really takes the time or has the patience to notice someone else. They are too damn busy trying to be noticed!

When someone does, for a moment pretend to notice, it is not out of any real concern or care for that person.It is in hopes that someone might notice them, noticing someone else. The original person, who thought they had actually got someone’s attention, takes it for granted because they believe they were worth noticing,and therefore does not care if the attention was fake or real. They assume since they were worth noticing, that others will see them also and then take for granted even the fake attention they recieved.

 Thus the reality is nobody, really gets seen by anyone else.

The truth is most of you are not worth the time anyway. You are shallow, vain people who only care about yourself. You won’t be bothered with someone else’s problems unless it will get you attention. Perhaps I am no better than anyone else. I did post this on MY blog for you to read. However, I did not post this for comments or attention because, in truth, I do not really care what you think. Just like you probably don’t care what I think either. See how it works?

Gotta love the internet! The easiest way to become invisible…



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