This one is for the boys!

Seeing as people(guys) seem to like my bass fishing post so much and have kept my visits up due to it. I have decided to make a post that they truelly can appreciate. Just a few pics of hot gals in costumes and bikinis that I recieved in a email. Enjoy!

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I hope you enjoyed this post as it is the only one I am going to do like this. I believe my blog is about more than just pretty ladies.  A whole lot more!!! LOL!

To the gals out there, if you feel like I was unfair in anyway, email me from my contact page. 🙂 If I get alot of female responses, I may feel compelled to make a post with hot guys.




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3 responses to “This one is for the boys!

  1. Qboyyie

    I would like to know if you have any numbers for any of the girls? i like 13, 15, 16, 17, and 18!!!


  2. Of course, I have all they’re numbers. Doesn’t everyone who sees or posts a gal pic on the internet?


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