Something a little special..

 Those who actually read this blog might notice that I have not been doing alot of original stuff lately. I have been waiting for certain things to arrive and one of them did yesterday, so I was going to do a video. In fact, it was going to be part one of a mini-series.. however, life likes to hand you obsticales whenever you are trying to accomplish something and yesterday was not exception to this rule.

Soon after I tried to record video I discovered that I still shake too much, so decided to wait until my son came home and let him give it a try. When he did get home and started getting things setup, we discovered that one of the items we were going to use in the video was down, it was here… I was shocked, surprised and extremely disappointed I could not bring new and original material to my my readers.

Guess we will both have to wait a while longer. I will try to get something up by Monday but,  for obvious reasons, I can make no guarantees.


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