Playing with Food: Food Art

This was from a email I recieved. I found it interesting and some quite amusing. As a side note, I noticed upon close examination, some of these were computer graphics rather than real food.Do not email me asking which ones were real and fake. Just look for yourself and see if you can figure it out. Enjoy!

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9 responses to “Playing with Food: Food Art

  1. These are all really funny!! My favorite is the second-to-last. I’ve found numerous versions of that online when searching for Halloween pumpkins for my little brother.


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  3. You spelled “received” wrong.


  4. I before E except after C.:)


  5. Hmmm,anti-virus found a trojan horse at the link you provided. Had to remove it.


  6. There was a trojan in that link?! I just got that from an online dictionary. Sorry if it caused you any trouble. I guess I should scan links before I provide them…


  7. My anit-virus is pretty good and stopped it from downloading. However, that is not the case with everyone who surfs the internet. You should always visit any page you plan on providing a link for.


  8. I did visit the page. I’ve been to the site a million times and I’ve never got a virus. It must’ve been a recently added trojan.


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