Terrorists are cowards and worthless!!!

After reading this article today, I just had to rant a little. I believe this is a subject, which most agree with and probably won’t take the time to even bother replying or reading but sometimes you just gotta get it out of your system.

Any religion, belief, or political agenda that tells you to kill innocent men, women, and children is complete and utter crap. If you think you are serving some higher fucking purpose by doing so, you are more than mistaken. You are dead-fucking wrong!!! You are a moronic idiot and who is a waste of space and air. You should shoot yourself in the head and let someone with more sense, take your place.

Do you really think attacking the “little” people is going to gain you anything..anything at all? That is about as stupid as it gets. We, the little people, do not make laws. We do not even get who we want elected, half the time. We have no power to change a thing! You accomplish nothing but pissing in the damn wind, killing us. Your lives are a total waste and so is your cause, whatever it might be.

Grow some fucking balls and courage!!! You are not brave, heroic, or even human, to kill innocent children and then run away and hide like a bitch! That is even lower than a coward might do. You are sick, sorry-ass excuses for people and the only real cure for you is a gun in your mouth. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and take that step right now. It will be only thing noble you will ever do with your life.

These words are harsh and I do not regret a single one of them and never will. If you agree, feel free to leave a comment. If not, read the paragraph above and follow through.



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One response to “Terrorists are cowards and worthless!!!

  1. NastyMoon

    This is utterly insane! Bombing this, bombing that….these terrorists doesn’t care about the lives they take! These people getting slaughtered knows what it is to dream and to hope for a better tomorrow, and these Genocidal people snatches away everything from them, and from their love ones….

    I wish we can comprehend and understand each other. Put aside our differences, live in harmony, make progress, like real people.

    We are human beings for God’s sake, and we have the intelligence, and we have soul. These people, terrorists, doesn’t know the meaning and the essence of life.


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