The Death of Blogs

Seems it really is here, huh? Have you noticed a decline in your page views the last few weeks/months? Fewer comments as well? I have and it seems for no particular reason. Been posting the random jokes and funny pics, with the occasional video, writing, or music. Nothing special I suppose, since original content never seems be a popular thing, however for over 2 yrs. I was maintaining a daily average of between 300-500 visits a day.

Recently, that has declined to between 100-150 visits per day, that is a huge fall off in visitors. What happened? I did not stop posting stuff and it is apparent that the search engines are finding my stuff, it just looks like there is not as many people searching anymore.

Are they all too busy playing social games? Did social sites really kill blogs? Have other ideas about what happened, feel free to comment. I am not sure I really care about the why anymore. I am just saddened to see what was perhaps the greatest age of writing, in human history, go to the wayside.

(Axe sits quietly for a moment in silence)


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5 responses to “The Death of Blogs

  1. I think things are basically cyclical in nature. When I first got on Facebook, I did so to “keep an eye” on my eldest 2 (the youngest is too young to have an account yet). I also joined MySpace for that reason. I got really into it at the beginning, dug down deep, added all kinds of bells and whistles. Played the games, “liked” tons of crap, made lots of “tangential gaming friends”.

    And then, I was done. I have since deleted most of the “game friends”, and all of the games. I don’t farm, fish, mob, or any of those other things. I stay on Facebook now for the fact that I get to talk to family members that are far away.

    As far as blogging, I don’t think I’ll ever stop, but *shrug* who knows? I enjoy it more for the venting and release, then for the accolades or “hits”. I do enjoy exchanging ideas with the great people I’ve met this way.

    Plus, it’s summer! Things to do outside! Gotta run….


  2. I just got here so I haven’t discovered the trends yet. Ignorance is bliss, they say. I am having fun.


  3. @ Brea- then for the accolades or β€œhits”.

    I was not trying to imply that that is all there is to blogging by any means,simply stating the hits point as a frame of reference, i.e. where I believe it shows the easiest.
    We will see if things come back around…

    @Carol- yep,sometimes ignorance can be bliss. I would rather know though if I can.:)



  4. Sorry, I wasn’t taking a swing at you, there, more a sarcastic one at myself. *abashed look*

    I am a secret stats-a-holic, I love to look at them, see where people came in from, where they go after leaving my page, what they were searching for that led them to me. My actual reason for blogging started as a live journal, a “shout into the dark” if you will. I love hearing from people on what I write, though. It’s anonymous validation, which is priceless.


  5. Ya, I look at the stats but don’t spend alot of time on them anymore.Guess I am rather jaded by the fact I have been blogging for 4 yrs. now.

    I find my actual writings to be one the least viewed posts of mine.Guess they are not as good as funny Redneck and Christmas pics,lol!

    I have been considering not even bothering posting the writings anymore, kinda pointless if no one reads them. Like I said…jaded.:)



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