My impressions of League of Legends

So, where have I been lately, some might wonder, others…who cares, lol. I occasionally play a few online games( don’t we all?) and good or bad I post my experiences. I played this game called League of legends this last week and it was not as good as some people would have you believe. So here are my impressions on this game, keep in mind I have never been paid by anyone to say anything good or bad about anything I review.

I deleted the game yesterday and this is what I found out about the game.

1.There is no customer support at all. Sent 3 support tickets and never recieved anything other than a form response saying they had recieved my support ticket.

2.The community is horrible.Even in UNRANKED games there is tons of bad language and players get bent out of shape when they die. They tend to blame other team members( not just me,lol) when they die and start raging, followed by quitting. Many games I played ended up being 3vs or 4vs 5 because of this or players just being afk all game. Basically, either you get lucky and everything goes everyone’s way or what usually happens is inactive players, afk and raging, foul language and arguements. Keep in mind this is UNRANKED play. I would hate to imagine how uptight these players get in ranked.

3. Mosty of the heroes are broken or bugged in some way, shape, or form. However, they are never fixed. This bad community I already spoke of, whines about this champion or that one being OP and then that champ is nerfed and once nerfed, never fixed. Instead of fixing the champions, they choose to release new ones to try and get people to pay cash for them, because the new champs are almost always OP.

4. The server downtime in this game is absolutely the worse I have ever seen. The server is attached to the forums btw, and that means, the game is down and so are the forums, so you cannot find out what is going on. The server was down for some time, litterly every day I played. EVERY day!!!

So as you can see, between the lack of customer support( don’t even think about saying it is a free game and customer support should not be expected. If you pay then you should get support, period.), the raging, quitting, foul mouthed, jerks in any game, the server being down alot, and the broken heroes, this game gets old really fast. The fun factor is reduced to nil in a matter of days.

So there you a have a honest review of someone who played for a week. That was as long as I could take of it. Too much bs for my taste.


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